Tuesday, July 29, 2014

In The Process Of Decluttering! AGAIN!!!!

It seems as though I am ALWAYS going through stuff in our house to get rid of! Seriously, I almost always have bags, if not something in my trunk to get outta the hizzy. Right now I have a trunk load FULL to drop off at Good Will, yet again! It's okay though, it helps keep our house somewhat organized I guess. I'm just trying NOT to bring any more stuff in the house than necessary.

My camera battery is dead to take pix but the kitchen table is full of stuff to get out of here whether it is sell, donate or consign. I just can't decide for everything yet. Oh well. I sure can tell you one thing! I had chocolate for dessert after dinner tonight and NEVER again. It is keeping me up into the wee hours of night and I do not like! Ugghh. Haha. So what do you do with the stuff you have hanging around the house that you no longer use? Do you sell, donate or consign? Any or all of the above? Whatdda YOU do with it?!?!

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Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

I am decluttering as I do things around the house I usually donate it just to get rid of it. I need to do a big clean out of my garage though there are a few things in there I could sell