Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It's Early BUT Get! Her! Done! CHRISTMAS SHOPPING That Is!

It's Tuesday already and I was in some store the other night to pick up something quick and Christmas decorations were already out! I think I say it every year but I could hardly believe my eyes. Every year it seems earlier and earlier where retailers do this. I'm still bummed the summer is coming to an end soon.
Everything I read and want to do right now is enjoy the moment and live life and just enjoy it. I don't want to live for the weekends or live for the next vacation or next pursuit or purchase but enjoy what I have and what I've been given because I'm trying to really work on what matters most to me.
Now having said that, I have started to prepare for the holidays. I think this is by far the earliest I have ever done this but, and I mean a BIG b-u-t - it is so our family can truly enjoy the holidays and with me not carrying the stress of Christmas beyond the true meaning of Christmas. I don't want to spend the winter months stressing over the sillies like Christmas cards, and buying gifts, money and stamps and yada yada. I want to celebrate the holidays for our family and the true meaning.  
So this year in June I started my Christmas card mailing list reaching out to those peeps I was unsure of their addresses. I have already addressed all my envelopes and have begun buying stamps because I send out so many cards. I am halfway done with gift purchases... So high five if you are with me this year and are planning early! Right now I'm making a list and checking it twice! I am also reminding my kiddos daily that Santa is watching! IS that terrible I am reminding them DAILY?!?! 
Less stress over the holidays = a more balanced and happy household plus a happy mama. I'm hoping anyway! Maybe this will help you too if you want to be ahead this year!

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