Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Bleached Blinds

Not sure what the deal is with Blogger right now but I can't get my pix to upload. I reduced size and still nada so I'm posting with no pictures again. Oh well. It's not like I'm not trying. I'll figure it out just not today because I've got too much to finish up on! Happy Hump Day!

How do you clean your blinds in your house??? Bleaching blinds has been a pretty big activity the past couple of weeks here. I've cleaned them before using dusters, wash cloths, dusting gloves, etc. and it's just not cutting it. The changing of our air filters should help a lot with the amount of dust in our house but the blinds gunk got to me.

Finally thought I had to do more! We've got those two inch faux wood blinds and they are a little heavy but very easy to get down and maneuver. They are just awkward. Remember you're building muscle too! lol. So I started with the downstairs blinds, usually two sets a day, soaking them in the bath tub with warm water with a little bleach. They soak for an hour or so(you don't need a lot of water because the blinds do float) and then I scrub, rinse and pull them out of the tub, carefully placing them in a big Rubbermaid storage tub and carry them downstairs to lay them outside either on the patio table or driveway to dry. I cut the wooden pulls off and clean them separately before submerging them in the tub to be able to bleach the strings too. After I hang the blinds back up is when I re-knot the pulls. Super easy peasy! The people who lived here before us had a dog who chewed a lot of the pulls so I ordered a small bag to replace some. Yippie!

It's time consuming but worth it! Over time they just get so disgusting! Nice and new is how they look now! Makes looking out the windows way more pleasant!

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