Friday, February 18, 2011

Back Up and Running

My computer is back up and running and fortunately it was an easy fix. Since I have had limited computer access this week I used my spare time to play with my new TOY! I'm stoked! Are you ready??????

Drum roll please!!! I got a cricut this week. Do you have one? How do you like it? Any advice? My husband surprised, no shocked me with it Monday night. I have been wanting one for a while but certainly didn't expect to be getting one. Wow what a nice surprise. It's the Expressions one in teal blue, just like I wanted. For those of you who don't know what a cricut is, well first of all it is pronounced like the insect "cricket", which I did not realize until my husband purchased mine. It is a personal paper cutter. I have read it does more than just paper too! Anyhow, I was calling it a cry-cut and my husband was completely mortified when he went shopping for one and asked a salesman about a cry-cut and the sales guy laughed at him and said, "dude it's a "cricket" see the little insect on the box," pointing to the picture of the little cricket face. Whoops. Leave it to me to mess that up. I am still having a hard time pronouncing the darn thing correctly, even now that I own one and have been corrected! Ijust forget what it's called. OWNED! haha!

So last night I finally pulled the cricut out of the box and hooked it up. I played around with it to see how it worked and it's pretty cool. Oh let the creative juices flow! Now I have so many project ideas that I can't wait to try out, on top of all the other home decor projects I am working on! Did I ever mention that I am QUEEN of starting projects and having too many projects going on at one time? It's one of those things with me. DIS-TRACK-SHONE(I know how to spell distraction for your information, just trying to emphasize)!!!!! I get all my projects done, I just keep coming up with new ones before finishing the older ones. I'm constantly reminding myself to slow down, first things first... do one project at a time, start to finish, before starting another one!!! I have so many ideas though! Oh I can't wait to see what this baby can do!