Wednesday, May 21, 2014

ABSTRACT Angry Birds Cupcakes!

My family was sitting on the front porch two nights ago listening to my husband playing guitar and a bird was squawking from a tree so loudly that my husband said, "Man, that bird sounds angry!" Our two boys looked at each other and then the four of us were cracking up. ANGRY BIRDS! haha. I don't even really know how to play the game but the kids love it!  It made me think of our youngest's last Birthday. He wanted Angry Birds so I made Angry Birds cupcakes.
Now I am no expert at cake decorating. Here was my go at cupcakes and I call it ABSTRACT Angry Birds! By the time I got to the Bad Piggies I called it quits. I ran out of black and white icing. The little ones could tell what they were and that was all that mattered! Have you ever botched cakes or cupcakes and made it work?