Saturday, November 23, 2019

Gosh It's Almost Thanksgiving!

Hope you had a great Halloween and Fall. I have been so busy that this blog has been on the back burner for a really loooong time! Sadly it was such a fun thing when I started it and it has turned into nothing upon nothingness! :o

Last time I posted it was just before Halloween and I was going to share something gory with you. We'll here it is! It was pretty nasty when it happened. I hollowed out four pumpkins and the skin on my arms peeled off. It freaked me out and it hurt.

So I learned that pumpkins and certain fruits similar like squash make a skin peeling sap that they excrete when an animal tries to pick or eat at it before it's ripe. Pretty nasty huh! So I guess the store that sold me these pumpkins sold pumpkins that were not really ready to be picked.

So BIG TIP for pumpkin carving IS= Always wear gloves when carving pumpkins!

NASTY! The angle of my arm is weird too so this doesn't even look like my arm. Anyhow thought it
was gross, weird, interesting and that I'd share what I learned! Hope it helps somebody!
Happy FALL!



Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Happy Fall Y'all!

It's Fall y'all! It's my favorite time of year! Yippie-Ki-O! I don't know what that means I just had fun saying it. Things have been nuts. Things have been different. Things are settling down for now. Super psyched about my favorite holiday of the year coming up in two days! Yes o yes! Cannot wait for Halloween, though it will probably rain and cancel out much of our plans. We shall see though. I had all kinds of plans to post some gory pictures I took the other day but it's now midnight so I've run out of time tonight. I will try to format some pics and post them tomorrow night. They have to do with Halloween. Stay tuned!

Keep It Simple YAY!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Hold The Door!

It's morning time on another Taco Tuesday. Woot Woot. Already got my three mile walk in and it's not even 7:30. I overslept to go to the gym so I got in some cardio here.
Hold The Door! Hodor - Awwwe that one made me sad thinking back to Game of Thrones and how the show ended. 
Anyway it's a beautiful day here and I'm winding down in my latest house project - I'm painting all the doors. Every single one of them!
I have completed painting all of the upstairs interior doors and today I'll work on the downstairs ones. Our house is about 20 years old and the doors have gotten a bit yucky. It's amazing what a brand new coat of paint does. I think I'm going to be painting some door jambs after this. Yowsers!
What have you been up to lately? Hope all is well!
Keep It Simple YAY

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

A Little Changeroo

It's a Tuesday night at 10:00 pm and I'm goofing off. The kids are in bed and my hubs is goofing around on his guitar. Things are settled and peaceful.
Nothing much is new really. I'm pretty psyched- I started running again this week. SLOWLY! I haven't been able to run for real in about two years because of a sports injury. It feels good to get the endorphins flowing better. I've been working out just having to ride a bike or swim.
Anyhow it's summer break and I've been doing more of the things I want to do lately and here is a minor little change I made to the house. It's a little silly I guess but I like it. These two wall hangings I had in the kitchenette were cutesie. They are actually the floral design I used in my blog and I matted and framed them.
Scroll down for the new wall hangings!

Below is more of the beachy look I was going for! A starfish with gold metallic sparkles and an adorable mermaid tail piece. It's cutesie too but I like how relaxed it looks and how it softens that area. I didn't even have to change out my nails. Win win! Now if I can dejunk the rest of the space there!

I like! Soooo tell me what you've been up to!? Anything fun! I want to hear all about it!
Love ya bunches!

Monday, May 27, 2019


Hammocks - this is one thing I've been excited about since the temps have warmed up! I was excited to be taking baths, listening to meditation spa music and using the firepit while the temps were cool but now that it's warmer I've turned up the game to relax. I LOVE hammocks. I love what kind of feeling they offer!
I was in a yucky winter slump this year trying to figure out some health stuff and have been trying to work on healing myself naturally. Forcing myself to relax is a little problem I have though. I typically push myself to do projects to just keep on going but I need to learn to let go to reboost mentally and physically.
I got a couple of hammocks to help brighten up the yard and help me to relax. It may seem excessive to have more than one but we have kids and I don't want any fighting over them. We've enjoyed them so much I actually went back and bought two more. I have three up but still need to hang the fourth so we all have one.  

For the longest time we haven't done anything with this area of our yard. It's oddly graded and we've got a big hill up to the back left corner that slopes down to our house. We cleared out the trees and brush and rake it every year, and now I'm finally trying to fix it up. I'm so excited about it because it's a great little escape right in our own yard with plenty of shade. All of us have been going up there at night together or separately, listening to music and laying in the hammocks. I've treated the yard for bugs so it's helping a lot.   

This is the view from the hammocks. It's so peaceful. I'm working on landscaping and beautifying the back flower beds too. Can't wait to get it all lush! That's my goal.


Here's me chillin in my jammies one night. A dream of mine has always been to pitch a tent or two back here and let our kids camp out in the summertime but I've seen some snakes! Noooo. The hammocks get us up off the ground so I feel a lot better. I envision stepping stones up to this area and some fun bulb lights to light up the joint. :)
So how is your Spring going? What are you up to? Have you done anything to spruce up your yard? Do you have a yard or an outdoor space to spruce up? I'm addicted to these hammocks now! Addicted! Not a bad addiction, huh!
Hope you have a wonderful day. It's Memorial Day so I'm going to take some time out to pray. Take good care.
Keep It Simple YAY
KISY for short!

Saturday, May 18, 2019


Happy Saturday night! How's it going??? How are you, wherever you are?! I'm good! I'm tuckered out with an hour to midnight. Last night was a late night and and this morning came quick and we had a Robotics competition our son was in bright and early this morning. The kids all did so well conceptualizing and creating their robots. It was pretty cool to see the bots at work.
Anyhow I had a long day and I'm pooped! I am so tired. Sick kids this week, my job winding down and the gorgeous days of Spring are here!
This is what I've been up to! For Mother's Day last weekend my hubby and kids took me out to shop for flowers. I got these beautiful knockout rose bushes in a red color that looks hot pinkish. I think they are called cherry red or something like that. They are gorgeous though! 

So far we picked up five. I put two on one side of the back of the house and three on the other. I may get another one to balance it out. I'm going to watch these bushes grow and try and get some other flowering bushes that are perennials. I love the color it adds to the back yard. We just need some help in our yard. I don't exactly have a green thumb and I've got to simplify! I would like to get some more potted plants too!
This is me working. I LOVE to put my yard gloves on and pull weeds and such! The peace takes me away from any negativity. I just love it.

Here are the flowers I planted a couple of weeks ago on the front stoop. I LOVE!
Are you enjoying Spring? Next time I'll show you what else I've done to spruce up the yard! I'm so excited!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

A Little Color & My Little Oasis


I seem to be making it a habit of posting every 5-6 months nowadays. Life is just too busy to stop and work on my hobbies much but it's burning me out. Big. Time. I'm ready for a breather and I'm so glad it's almost the weekend.
It's really late at night which I've been desperately trying to quit staying up late but tonight I just have a lot on my mind and can't shut it off. So I'm piddling with pictures and this site.
I've shared my little oasis with you before. I would love to have a front porch or a screened in porch on the back of our house - that would be my dream in another house but I'll take what we've got in our covered front stoop! I love to sit out here in the Spring and Summer months and just do nothing and listen to the birds. It relaxes me.
Last weekend we were out after kid soccer games and we made it to the hardware store so I could run in and pick up some flowers. Everyone told me not to rush so I took my time picking up some flowers and potting soil...
I never plant pink flowers but I am having so much fun with pink this year. I also never do blue or purple but I also added some blue flowers with the white. These are all annuals. I really want to plant some perennials in the ground so I'm going to plan on looking for some this weekend and plant bulbs in the Fall. So far all I have planted are flowers in pots. 
This chair is my favorite spot to just chill. Guess I'm redundant. Yes I know I am. I don't even care and I won't make any excuses.
I like to talk.

See how pretty!?!?!?!?!? I love looking at these pretty flowers here. The color they add cheers me up when I get down.  
I needed some cheering up that night after I was finished planting so I sat here in my chair and polished my nails, which I rarely do, but it made me feel better. I don't usually do a color that is so bright but color makes things more fun. Dontcha think! Who knows what I might paint or add color to next! Stay tuned. I'll try and get back on here soon. Take care and have a Fun Friday!
Love ya,
Keep It Simple YAY!