Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Yard Lights

Rise and shine! Yippee - It's hump day! Only one more week of packing lunches for a few months on this end. YEEHAW! This mom is ready for a break! Almost Summer for the kiddos.
I'm finished with my regular job until September and currently am working on a nice punch list of things to do while I've got some time to myself. Playing catch up and it's like heaven to be able to catch up on some things without constantly hearing, "Mom, Mommy, I need you, Help, NOW!!!!!" Teehee. It's kinda of a staycation and I've got it planned out. 
So today after a morning appointment I've got these new doo-dads to put out around the house. For the past couple of months I've been hard at work doing landscaping. I made a couple of beds in our back yard, planted and raked up 30 bags of leaves and dragged them to the curb. Do you like yard work? I love it because it's a form of exercise for the body and the brain. I find it so therapeutic to be outside doing something. Been trying to turn our yard into a playground for the birds and so far it has been a lot of fun seeing what hangs out in our yard.
So I got three packs of new lights at Wal-Mart on sale and can't wait to get them in the yard.
We used to have some other ones but after years of use they died and got torn up by hail. Do you have yard lights or did you skip that one??? Anyway, more on the yard beautification process later. Hope this note finds everyone doing well HAPPY HuMp DAY!