Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Organizing Photos

How are things going? It's been HOT here. As far as stuff around the house I've got a big project going on and will probably continue all summer long. I'm working to reorganize all of our printed photos! I've saved up and used coupons to purchase plenty of photo albums so that isn't a concern and I can dig in and organize! 
photo albums oh my!
I love going through photo albums that belong to my parents and grandparents, and truthfully this project needs to be done for my kids. I want my kids to have photos they can see and remember things by. I've got boatloads of digital images but we have boxes full of printed photos as well. Going through everything and coordinating time lines and subjects for the albums has been challenging but I am starting to see the light!
Table covered in photos!
I've got photo albums of each child, one of our beloved cat, several family ones that include pictures of events and things with my husband's family and mine and wedding albums and albums of just my husband and me. Plus I've got some throwback photo albums that have sticky pages with clear view covers you lift up and replace to hold photos. I'm using those for pictures I can cut out and place in a collage sort of way. Oh the creative juices are flowing and it's keeping me busy!