Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wax Seals On Candles

How are you? Are YOU ready for Valentine's Day? Um what day is it again? I'm terrible this year. I guess I'm not exactly what you call ready. I know when it is, just haven't done too much as of yet. ;)

I did take my son shopping today for Valentines for his class and he asked so innocently, "Mom, why do I have to do this?" He'll have fun on Valentine's Day when they have their class party but it kind of made me chuckle.

You may find this silly but here's an easy way to dress up a candle. All you need is ribbon and a wax seal. I like to recycle things so I found an old metal stamp I used on our wedding invitations, some ribbon and leftover wax. The opaque, glittery wax is the kind you use in a glue gun. The red is the kind you heat and drip. I tried to capture the stamp so you could see but it just didn't come out well in photos. I REALLY tried. 

Wrap the ribbon and place it in position. 
The wax works as a glue and keeps the ribbon on.

Leave the stamp on long enough to let the wax cool. Pull it off gently.

I played around with several different sized candles and this one above didn't turn out so great so I moved to a larger one. :)

It's just a little addition to a plain candle. 
Happy Valentine's Day if I don't talk to you!