Monday, June 4, 2012

Label A Basket

WASSSSSUP? It's Monday night and I am pooped. How about you? I'm glad Monday is over and believe it or not I actually got some things accomplished tonight. Pat on the back! Lately I have been a S-L-U-G when I get home from work. I admit it. I think I have every right to become a slug once in a while though. Don't get me wrong, I have been busting it but at night I just wannna vedge (or however you spell it) some too!

Have I ever told you how many TOYS we have? We have too many to count. It's ridiculous. I go through them every so often and weed them out. Don't tell my kids though! ;- ) I am not so mean that I'm blatant about it. I do have to get a little sneaky and do it when they are sleeping or out of the house but I try and go through things they've either outgrown or ignore. Sometimes I put them in bags and just hide them in a closet to make sure they won't be missed. I even go as far as putting things in the attic for months at a time to pull them out and surprise them all over again with certain toys. The toys are stored in the play room and their bedrooms but we do have one basket in our living room too to corral some.
My oldest asked me the other day if I could label his toy bins like they do at school and I thought SURE  I could do this. I would LOVE to. I'm an organizational nut that way!
I started the label project with the basket in the living room.  I realize this isn't exactly what he meant by labeling his toys but it is a start and I thought it was cute for decoration too. It's Pottery Barnish! Or so I think!
I picked up some wooden letters at Michaels and painted them black. Can you guess what I spelled? Come on, see if you can guess!

I used the hot glue gun to attach the letters. My youngest has plucked the "E" off once already and I had to re-glue but I thought it turned out nice!
At least this way we can use the basket for something else later on when they outgrow toys. Or do you really ever outgrow toys?!?! Hope you have a great week!