Monday, January 13, 2014

Spray Painted Squash

I must say it has been five days since I shared my new cleaning schedule. It is going well! I've revised it somewhat and will continue making adjustments to fit my schedule better, but so far after five days the house is actually staying clean. I do a little bit every day and the house is clean! I must admit it is an awesome feeling. I don't have that constant feeling of stress over the house being a disaster! I will also start fitting in other things like slowly pulling in craft days or project days too to make a routine of them so there is no guilt! 

So I wanted to share one of my Good Will purchases. I bought this ceramic squash and honestly it wasn't bad to begin with. I've been trying to add little splashes of color here and there in the house so I painted it a solid color. It's an ocean blue spray paint and I love it. It sits in a cubby on my desk and it contrasts nicely against the dark wood. I love how it turned out!

What have you spray painted lately? Anything. I'd love to hear!