Saturday, January 14, 2012

Love A Full And ORGANIZED Fridge

Don't you just LOVE a full fridge?!?! I know I do and especially when it is actually ORGANIZED! We made a big purchase a few months ago and got this big, bad mammer jammer of a fridge. I'm kidding but it is nice to have. I wasn't sold on upgrading but the hubs kinda talked me into it. Here is the fridge. You see, I really liked the old one. I was worried about getting stainless steel and going bonkers of little finger prints and such (which does drive me a little nutty but what can you do?). It's sorta hard letting go of things I purchased by myself too. The fridge below it was one that I picked out and bought when I bought my first house before we got married. The old fridge was great and worked well for me when I was single and worked great for us too, but we decided to start grocery shopping in bulk to save money for a family of four.
See the new fridge is much larger than the old, which I seriously didn't realize before. I'm not exactly sure of the size but it does the job.

Today I shopped at BJs and saved "bookoo" dollars, thanks to my mom-in-law for teaching me how to shop. I cannot give her enough credit! Do you have a Bjs near you? I just love it. I got my coupon booklet in the mail and first thing this am I matched the manufacturers coupons to the store ones for extra savings. Not everything is a great deal but you just have to shop and compare. I still go to two other grocery stores too to get everything but I made out pretty well at the one today! Sometimes I feel so silly that I never did this before. It has really forced me to be more aware of my spending. Live and learn, huh!

It guess it's kinda personal to see into one's refrigerator but I'm stoked that it's actually cleaned out and organized. It's goofy the things that make me smile. Now if I can just learn to be a better COOK! :-)

I picked up this little plastic bin at the dollar store for a buck to corral all the little leftovers so we can locate quick and easily.

You can't tell but I saved a lot on groceries today! I would have saved even more but had to buy milk and a few items that I didn't have a coupon for. It's such a great feeling to be fully stocked.  :-) Have a great rest of the weekend and hope you do well getting groceries!

I really do think there should be an extra day added to the weekend just so we can get more of this stuff done without it cutting into our leisure time! Ta-Ta-For-Now!