Saturday, April 21, 2012

Clearing Woods and Enjoying It. Seriously.

Long time no see! How you been(and yes, I meant to say "you". : ) Since I have shared very few pictures of myself I thought I would start out with a recent one of me. It's my poison ivy/poison oak PREVENTION getup! I'm clearing out some woods in our back yard so I got my prescription sunglasses, safety goggles and mask thing going on. I do not want poison ivy, poison oak or any other kind of poisonous leaf rash. This is Mu-Wa with my ears pushed out a little from the goggles! No wonder my kids were laughing!
Hope you had a great Saturday! Mine started off with a neighborhood yard sale. After the last one I said NEVER AGAIN so I couldn't believe I was doing another one but this one turned out waaaay better! The rest of the day was great too!

Sooooooo... The back yard is something I started working on a few weeks ago after getting two high estimates from landscaping companies to clear the wooded area. It would be great to have it all cleared in one day but I'd rather save the money and do it ourselves. We have a fenced in area but want to make use of the extra land on the back side of the property. Eventually we hope to tear down the fence to have a bigger yard.


AFTER Lots of raking and cutting trees and weed killer.

This picture doesn't quite capture all the work I have done but we can tell a huge difference already. I have taken 4 huge loads of trees and  several bags of leaves to the curb for pickup. Lots more to go but I'll keep you posted on this job. 

AFTER LOTS OF CUTTING, RAKING, BAGGING & PILING - see the pile of trees to the right just behind the fence. Oh it might be too hard to tell what it is...
Do you have any experience clearing out woods? I have been watching videos on the best ways to rake and bag leaves and you wouldn't believe how many I have found! Unreal! 

Until next time, I hope you are enjoying this Spring weather! I absolutely LOVE being outdoors after hibernating so long!