Friday, March 6, 2020

Taking A Break From Cleaning!

Hi All! How are you doing? I hope this finds you doing well! I am good on this end. I'm taking a break from cleaning all day. Yay.
I dislike a dirty house but I so LOVE a clean house! My house, when it's dirty and cluttered is one of my anxiety triggers. I just fall apart with my organization of everything. I'm spending today trying to give myself a reboot.

Can you believe this weekend we turn the clocks forward! I am so excited. I don't care if we lose an hour of sleep because I absolutely LOVE the time of year where it's dark until later. Ahhhh!
Fresh cut grass, gardening, hanging out outside. Oh I just realized I never shared with you what we did in the back yard last summer! Okay so maybe that will be the next post. :) 
What kinds of hobbies do you have? I have said before that I jump from hobby to hobby a lot of times after I learn how to do something new.
I am still working on my calligraphy. It's fun and pleasing to me. It's therapeutic. I just love to play around with wording and spacing. I'm not very good at it but I'm enjoying it. So many people make it look super easy and their lettering looks flawless. Hope mine does one day.

I wanted to share below a cute letterboard I picked up for us to play around with. I think it's really cute and fun and it's double sided. Here's my first message! More lettering and placement! I love Graphics.

I'm also a sucker for cute patterns, even though my hubby and dad made fun of me for this hat. LoL. I can't ever get a break from being the butt of jokes.

Notice anything in the picture? Do I kind of match our table?! Not trying to but maybe that is why I got made fun of. I dunno. SMH!

Just felt like saying hello! Hope you are doing well! What have you been up to?

Talk to you soon!
Love ya!

Saturday, February 29, 2020

I Heart My Art Cart!

Happy Weekend Peeps! How's it going? It's going great here! So I was wrong about the 5K I'm running. It's a week from today, thank goodness! I have run the past two days and am very thankful I could do it painless and it felt so good! It's something I want to keep up with but not overdo like I did a few years back. I ran way too much and too often and it caused an injury. Anyhow...
What you been up to? I've been pretty busy with work and home life. I love my job and have been busy planning, planning and planning. I teach school and I have felt like the bag lady lately lugging my things back and forth to school. I've accumulated a lot of supplies at home and have been working to consolidate and find ways to organize them at home.
I'm limited on space. I don't have a whole room dedicated to it at home but I do have a desk but it only holds so much. So... I'm excited to share my cute nifty Art Cart. I'm not finished organizing it or adding my supplies to it and I have a few more additions for it but it's my new little work supply station that sits right next to my desk.
Whaddaya think? It's so versatile and I think I'm really going to like having it! It's cute too. My hubs isn't a big fan of turquoise but I like turquoise so maybe he won't say anything about this minty colored cart. Well I better get just wanted to share!
Oh if you bought one of these what would you use it for? OR would you buy one?
Well I better get. I've got to get some things laminated and my laminator is hot!
Talk to you later. See you soon!
Love ya,

Monday, February 17, 2020

Post Valentine's Day

Hope y'all had a Happy➼Valentine's Day! Mine was decent but found out we had a child with Strep that day so the ten day o' antibiotics began on V Day. No biggie though.

I am sitting here typing this listening to my crazy cat wander around the house upset because my oldest is sleeping with his door shut. Our cat is aggressively affectionate and he gets really ticked when he doesn't get his way and sleep with the person of his choice.😿 

Anyway I'm psyched! I'm signed up for a 5K and haven't done one in a few years. I know I'm going to be slow but that is okay. My son loves to run so he is trying to beat his best time but I will most definitely be lagging behind in this race. 

I haven't had too much time to work on house décor lately because I started a new job. I've thrown myself into it full speed and I'm trying to keep up with the house. On a good day laundry is pulled out of the washer and put in the dryer.😮 But I like our new washer and dryer, really I do.

So instead of doing stuff for the house I'm looking at doing some fun things. I've got a new hobby and that is brush pen writing. I sort of bounce from hobby to hobby. Eek. I'm trying to make my handwriting look romantic or cutesie and I love the modern calligraphy style. We'll see but it's so relaxing and fun to play around with. I'll show you some of my messing around with words. I love practicing this. I've got a loooong way to go at getting it the way I want it and I hope to kind of create my own style with it but it's a lot of fun! 

Going to drink my sleepy tea and add some music to my mp3 player for the gym tomorrow. Hope you are doing well.
Love ya, mean it! If anyone reads this, leave me a comment. I don't think anyone does anymore. Anyway take it easy. Peace out!

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! Giddyup 2020

Gosh last time I wrote it was almost Thanksgiving and that has been over for a good month now. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too. So Merry Everything!

We had a nice Thanksgiving at the beach with family and we had a nice Christmas at home with family. New Years was pretty low key at home. The hubs fell asleep on the couch early and so my youngest and I snuggled and watched movies trying to keep ourselves awake to ring in the new year. We watched the ball drop and then conked out too.

The kids and I have been off for nearly two weeks and we're starting to get just a little bored. Did I say bored? Ugh. Yeah, we are. I'm letting them play vid games too much and I've been catching up on projects, workouts, movies and naps. :o I think we will be well rested and reset by the time Monday comes. I don't want to wish the time away though.

Just to tell you some things about myself: I have pretty good energy until I wear myself out, and I enjoy doing projects of all sorts. I get kind of obsessive about projects and activities and arts and crafts and home decorating. I get stuff in my mind and my mind races so I'm working on how to deal with it. Working on Mindfulness. HMMM!

I was super excited about Halloween and then Christmas and decked the house all out. Then when it was over I was gungho about getting it all down. Except for Christmas. I've put everything away except our two Christmas trees. We downsized one of them this year-we had a 9 footer for years and I hated that thing. I had a love/hate relationship with it. I loved the size of it and how beautiful it was but I fought the darn thing every time I went to put it up. I did it by myself and it was a four part tree and after battling the lights again last year, I was DONE! SO I found a simple 7 1/2 foot tree and decorated that this year. Plus we have a pretty 7 1/2 foot skinny tree in our dining room. I would love to just leave them up all year, they are so calming and pretty. But I'm usually gungho about my projects. :)

 Here are our trees this year and I don't want to take them down! 

While I've been on my break I've purged my belongings yet again to make more space. I've been working on certain rooms around the house and it's definitely freeing. I love what it does for the body and brain. For me decluttering my possessions helps me so much. In America we tend to have big houses and then we fill them up with furniture and decorations and clothes and things. It gets to be too much. Don't get me wrong, I love the comforts of peoples' homes. I love seeing collections and artwork and decorations and things. For me in my own home, I sometimes feel like I'm drowning in clutter and it bogs me down. I certainly do love pretty things and just have to work on what I bring into our home! 

It's one thing that really gets to me and I've created my home to be the way it is. We're not hoarders by any means. I am constantly weeding through our things - kids clothes, clothes, toys, the latest bit of crafting goodies, art supplies... I just don't do well when I'm surrounded by clutter. When things start to pile up on me, I don't function very well.

I've dissected the house into rooms and have been working to declutter my crap from the rooms. I'm really excited. I do much better when spaces are cleared off. I think I've said this before. LOL! My counter is cleared except for my hand soap and tooth paste and tooth brush. My other toiletries are in the cabinet below.

Our bedroom is another place I have decluttered. I have cleared the side tables somewhat and the dressers. I've "Konmaried" the crap out of our room. It makes me giggle. My husband doesn't care as long as I don't touch his stuff. He doesn't want to declutter his belongings all that much. Grrr.
Anyway just sitting here enjoying a rainy day and messing with this blog. Hope everyone is doing great. What are you doing in this new year?! Happy New Year!


Saturday, November 23, 2019

Gosh It's Almost Thanksgiving!

Hope you had a great Halloween and Fall. I have been so busy that this blog has been on the back burner for a really loooong time! Sadly it was such a fun thing when I started it and it has turned into nothing upon nothingness! :o

Last time I posted it was just before Halloween and I was going to share something gory with you. We'll here it is! It was pretty nasty when it happened. I hollowed out four pumpkins and the skin on my arms peeled off. It freaked me out and it hurt.

So I learned that pumpkins and certain fruits similar like squash make a skin peeling sap that they excrete when an animal tries to pick or eat at it before it's ripe. Pretty nasty huh! So I guess the store that sold me these pumpkins sold pumpkins that were not really ready to be picked.

So BIG TIP for pumpkin carving IS= Always wear gloves when carving pumpkins!

NASTY! The angle of my arm is weird too so this doesn't even look like my arm. Anyhow thought it
was gross, weird, interesting and that I'd share what I learned! Hope it helps somebody!
Happy FALL!



Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Happy Fall Y'all!

It's Fall y'all! It's my favorite time of year! Yippie-Ki-O! I don't know what that means I just had fun saying it. Things have been nuts. Things have been different. Things are settling down for now. Super psyched about my favorite holiday of the year coming up in two days! Yes o yes! Cannot wait for Halloween, though it will probably rain and cancel out much of our plans. We shall see though. I had all kinds of plans to post some gory pictures I took the other day but it's now midnight so I've run out of time tonight. I will try to format some pics and post them tomorrow night. They have to do with Halloween. Stay tuned!

Keep It Simple YAY!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Hold The Door!

It's morning time on another Taco Tuesday. Woot Woot. Already got my three mile walk in and it's not even 7:30. I overslept to go to the gym so I got in some cardio here.
Hold The Door! Hodor - Awwwe that one made me sad thinking back to Game of Thrones and how the show ended. 
Anyway it's a beautiful day here and I'm winding down in my latest house project - I'm painting all the doors. Every single one of them!
I have completed painting all of the upstairs interior doors and today I'll work on the downstairs ones. Our house is about 20 years old and the doors have gotten a bit yucky. It's amazing what a brand new coat of paint does. I think I'm going to be painting some door jambs after this. Yowsers!
What have you been up to lately? Hope all is well!
Keep It Simple YAY

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

A Little Changeroo

It's a Tuesday night at 10:00 pm and I'm goofing off. The kids are in bed and my hubs is goofing around on his guitar. Things are settled and peaceful.
Nothing much is new really. I'm pretty psyched- I started running again this week. SLOWLY! I haven't been able to run for real in about two years because of a sports injury. It feels good to get the endorphins flowing better. I've been working out just having to ride a bike or swim.
Anyhow it's summer break and I've been doing more of the things I want to do lately and here is a minor little change I made to the house. It's a little silly I guess but I like it. These two wall hangings I had in the kitchenette were cutesie. They are actually the floral design I used in my blog and I matted and framed them.
Scroll down for the new wall hangings!

Below is more of the beachy look I was going for! A starfish with gold metallic sparkles and an adorable mermaid tail piece. It's cutesie too but I like how relaxed it looks and how it softens that area. I didn't even have to change out my nails. Win win! Now if I can dejunk the rest of the space there!

I like! Soooo tell me what you've been up to!? Anything fun! I want to hear all about it!
Love ya bunches!

Monday, May 27, 2019


Hammocks - this is one thing I've been excited about since the temps have warmed up! I was excited to be taking baths, listening to meditation spa music and using the firepit while the temps were cool but now that it's warmer I've turned up the game to relax. I LOVE hammocks. I love what kind of feeling they offer!
I was in a yucky winter slump this year trying to figure out some health stuff and have been trying to work on healing myself naturally. Forcing myself to relax is a little problem I have though. I typically push myself to do projects to just keep on going but I need to learn to let go to reboost mentally and physically.
I got a couple of hammocks to help brighten up the yard and help me to relax. It may seem excessive to have more than one but we have kids and I don't want any fighting over them. We've enjoyed them so much I actually went back and bought two more. I have three up but still need to hang the fourth so we all have one.  

For the longest time we haven't done anything with this area of our yard. It's oddly graded and we've got a big hill up to the back left corner that slopes down to our house. We cleared out the trees and brush and rake it every year, and now I'm finally trying to fix it up. I'm so excited about it because it's a great little escape right in our own yard with plenty of shade. All of us have been going up there at night together or separately, listening to music and laying in the hammocks. I've treated the yard for bugs so it's helping a lot.   

This is the view from the hammocks. It's so peaceful. I'm working on landscaping and beautifying the back flower beds too. Can't wait to get it all lush! That's my goal.


Here's me chillin in my jammies one night. A dream of mine has always been to pitch a tent or two back here and let our kids camp out in the summertime but I've seen some snakes! Noooo. The hammocks get us up off the ground so I feel a lot better. I envision stepping stones up to this area and some fun bulb lights to light up the joint. :)
So how is your Spring going? What are you up to? Have you done anything to spruce up your yard? Do you have a yard or an outdoor space to spruce up? I'm addicted to these hammocks now! Addicted! Not a bad addiction, huh!
Hope you have a wonderful day. It's Memorial Day so I'm going to take some time out to pray. Take good care.
Keep It Simple YAY
KISY for short!

Saturday, May 18, 2019


Happy Saturday night! How's it going??? How are you, wherever you are?! I'm good! I'm tuckered out with an hour to midnight. Last night was a late night and and this morning came quick and we had a Robotics competition our son was in bright and early this morning. The kids all did so well conceptualizing and creating their robots. It was pretty cool to see the bots at work.
Anyhow I had a long day and I'm pooped! I am so tired. Sick kids this week, my job winding down and the gorgeous days of Spring are here!
This is what I've been up to! For Mother's Day last weekend my hubby and kids took me out to shop for flowers. I got these beautiful knockout rose bushes in a red color that looks hot pinkish. I think they are called cherry red or something like that. They are gorgeous though! 

So far we picked up five. I put two on one side of the back of the house and three on the other. I may get another one to balance it out. I'm going to watch these bushes grow and try and get some other flowering bushes that are perennials. I love the color it adds to the back yard. We just need some help in our yard. I don't exactly have a green thumb and I've got to simplify! I would like to get some more potted plants too!
This is me working. I LOVE to put my yard gloves on and pull weeds and such! The peace takes me away from any negativity. I just love it.

Here are the flowers I planted a couple of weeks ago on the front stoop. I LOVE!
Are you enjoying Spring? Next time I'll show you what else I've done to spruce up the yard! I'm so excited!