Sunday, April 17, 2011

Garage Redo Reveal

Things have been super busy lately between work and home life and everything in between that I have been a bit slack getting back to this but certainly not intentionally slack! 

I'm sooooo excited to FINALLY show you the garage redo! It's something we've been wanting to accomplish for a while. I have loads of pictures too so watch out! We don't have tons of stuff in the garage but we park the cars in there and wanted more order to all the tools and toys to make it easier to get to them. Plus we wanted to get the chemicals locked up so the little men wouldn't ever be tempted to get into them. A big goal was to get most of it off the ground and hung in an orderly fashion.

Before Pictures

We hung dry wall on the left wall since it was unfinished. I can't take credit for that part. My husband, his buddy and my brother-in-law did that. They mudded the walls painted them gray, which wound up taking a little longer than planned. They ran into some snags along the way but finally got it up.

During Pictures


We weren't planning on painting the ceiling but decided that if we didn't do it now, then we would never go back and do it later so we did. We got textured white paint and painted that with the help of my dad and brother-in-law. It's nothing fancy.

After Pictures

A small touch was the decorative plate where the door opener button is.

After much research on the tracking system we decided to go with the Gladiator Garage Works Organization System. The heavy duty cabinet has a lock and key so that was helpful. It's a simple easy-to-hang solution with different hooks and shelves and hanging units, including baskets and trays that can be moved around for more versatility. 

We kept one shelf that we had before to store paints and misc items on.

My beach cruiser bicycle is really heavy so we're looking for more lightweight bikes to ride.

We still have a sheet of pegboard that we are trying to decide if we can use. 

Those two tables folded up will be hung over the garage door, up high, eventually.

We want to eventually so some sort of treatment on the floor but there is some research to do.

Car cleaning items are together!

We reused some old pegboard for small hand tools.

There is a hanging basket for balls. All of our other stuff is up high! 

Cabinet can be hung on shelves but we kept it on the floor to use the wall space for other things.

Added a striped rug at the back door for a splash of color! The old rug didn't survive the mud part of the redo. Whaddayathink? I love it! I feel a little less stressed when I get home every day and park the car. It's nice and clean and organized now! An organized room can sure boost the spirits!