Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Easy No-Sew Curtains

I recently gave our half bathroom a more updated look with a fresh new valance. I never really liked the one I had hanging so it was about time! The curtain before, pictured below, was a bland, blah, brownish valance with ties that hung down. It never really looked right in the room and I thought it looked the slightest bit country... not the look I was going for! I'm not a country style kind of girl, although I do like some things that are on the rustic side. : ) Anyhow, the walls are an olive green so the colors didn't contrast enough for my liking. 

Sooo I took a piece of fabric (after washing it) that I bought on sale at Hancock Fabrics and cut it down. I used a T-square just to make sure the fabric was cut straight. I only bought a yard because I wasn't sure what project I would use it for. The fabric has a simple paisley design that I thought would contrast enough with the wall color. The fabric is white with a reddish/brown polka dot paisley pattern. It's a thick canvas type material.

I didn't do any serious measuring. I held the fabric up to the window and folded it to what I thought would work and cut it. A recent discovery of mine is hemming tape! Why haven't I ever used it before??? Following the directions on the hemming tape package, I folded the edges of the fabric, one side at a time, and made hems on all four sides using the iron and hemming tape. It's very easy. I bought a pack of black curtain rod clips and clipped one of the widest ends to hang on the curtain rod. 

  I wound up cutting the fabric down a little more to make it shorter to feel more airy and allow more light in the room. I think it works. It's a nice simple, easy update and if I get tired of it, it's very cheap to change.

AFTER = New and Fresh Updated Look!