Saturday, July 14, 2012

An Uplifting Beachy Craft

How are you? I've been bummed so I made beachy craft to lift the spirits and give to a girlfriend who moved away. Things have been a bit sad with goodbyes. One of my closest friends just moved away and I miss her so much already. I know, I know. Change is inevitable and things will continue to change as friends come and go throughout your life but it still doesn't make it easy. Takes me back to childhood when my best friend moved to another country, sniff sniff. Oddly enough I am filled with a sense of relief after dreading saying goodbye to her for so long. I know it's not "Goodbye"  but more like "See You Later", it's just one of those things that time will heal. Anyhow this craft is one I made for my friend. She loves the beach and is decorating using beachy decor herself so I hoped she would like it. From her reaction I think she did.
I picked up a simple frame that had a whitewashed look at IKEA. It was about $3.00.

I slipped a piece of burlap in front of a sea green piece of decorative scrap book paper so you could see the bluish tint of color through the burlap. The matte framed it nicely. Then I cut some ribbon to fit the frame and glued it down.

Next I found a shell that had a hole and looped some light weight sheer ribbon to hang over the glass. The backing on the frame secured it. If our friends find a sand dollar or a special shell some day they can always change it out! It was a fun craft and helped me tell my friend, "See you later", not "Goodbye". : )