Monday, July 7, 2014

Chalk Painted Child's Table

Happy Monday! Hope you have a happy Monday!
I got a good, early start on this Monday so things are looking UP!
Yet another project BEFORE and AFTER
Have you ever made or used CHALK PAINT? It is AWESOME! I know you can buy it in a can but I mixed up some myself and it was superb! This was my first go at it but I really, really liked it and it was so simple to concoct! I did have some trial and error with this project but the final result was a positive one. YAY!
Chalk Paint Recipe
Latex paint of your choice
Warm water to mix
Plaster of Paris - I purchased a dry bag at Michaels. It can be found in craft stores or hardware stores!
I used a paint cup from Dollar Tree.
I drew three measurement lines on the outside of the cup about an inch apart (try and guage how much paint you'll need to make you marks).
I poured Plaster of Paris to the bottom line. I added a tablespoon of warm water to the Plaster of Paris mixing and adding warm water until it was a nice smooth thick pasty consistency. I then added paint to the third and top line, mixing until the paint was blended with the Plaster of Paris.
Here is the kid-sized table my mother-in-law gave us for our kids. Her children used it when they were little so I think it's special in itself. I won't go and date us but it is pretty old and I thought it could use a nice, simple update to modernize it somewhat. It was in great condition.

The sanding in the garage began!

I sanded all parts to the table and chairs with my hand sander.

My first go at painting didn't go as well as I planned. I simply didn't get the Plaster of Paris mixed well with the paint so as I painted I kept finding white particles on the brush and on the furniture. I tried to capture it in the picture but not sure it's clear. Oh yeah, I used leftover paint from painting our front door too! I'm all about using leftover to conserve and save money. :)

Fun times, so BELOW I took everything back outside and made another batch of chalk paint and started over. I re-sanded everything and repainted!

For the legs, I wanted to go with a "dipped leg" paint look so I measured up about four inches and taped the legs. I liked how the tape looked and wondered if I should have actually painted the areas where the tape was to have two stripes and not the dipped look.

I used a light blue paint leftover from our bedroom walls. I think if turned out just fine.
Oops - the green painters tape in the background "photo bombed" my table shot!
A simple paint job made a big difference with this little table! Chalk paint gave the table a great textured, chalky kind of look and feel! I will definitely try chalk paint again! Let me know if you try chalk paint yourself! I would love to hear about your experience!