Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why Do I Do This To Myself?


I just can't sit still! It's Christmas break and I have done it again! I've started a couple new organizing projects while the house is in total disarray from Christmas day. Hey I rhymed! I just don't know how to do one thing until I have it complete and it is driving me absolutely bonkers! I wish I could hit the rewind button and clean up the house first now!

I want to go through the toys and make a pile to donate. Toys are EVERYWHERE! GRRR!

It may not look that bad to you but I didn't take pix of each room so you could see how FAR toys are scattered. What a messy mess!

I also started going through the kids' closets to weed through their clothes so we can get all the things they've outgrown OUT! UGGGHHH! 

Piles are EVERYWHERE I tell you! I must learn how to relax on days off. 

How do you relax? Do you go crazy doing tons of projects and things at once OR are you good at prioritizing your many tasks of the home??? Would love to hear any of YOUR tips and tricks of handling the aftermath of the hectic Christmas day with little kiddos!

Your friend,
who is drowning in STUFF and eating her words of trying to Keep IT Simple today.