Saturday, February 15, 2014

DIY Granite Cleaner!

How are you? Did you get snow? We were pounded and it has been so much fun to play in. It's awesome what playing in the snow does for the psyche! It is quickly melting now though. Hopefully you are safe if you've lost power. I know there are a lot of people without power still...  

Since we've been stuck inside the past few days, I'm trying to be productive so I thought I'd share this concoction with you. When it comes to spending money, I'm pretty frugal. I have been making most of our house cleaning products for years to try and pinch pennies. Here is one I make to clean our granite counter tops and I think it works better than ones I have purchased in the past. The store bought ones tend to leave the counters streaked. This one doesn't. I found it at a fellow blogger's site


You can find spray bottles at Dollar Tree.

Granite Cleaner
1/4 Cup Rubbing Alcohol
3-4 Drops Dish Soap

Instructions for Granite Cleaner
Pour 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol in your bottle. Add 3-4 drops of dish soap and slowly fill the bottle up with water. Do it slowly because you don't want the water sudsy. Then shake the bottle a little to mix it up and SPRAY!

I use microfiber cloths in a circular motion on the granite. It gives your granite a nice shine! 

Have a a great rest of the weekend!