Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hats Off!

Hats off to celebrations! Last weekend I attended a friend's baby shower that had on the invitation to wear a hat. Dress in your finest and wear a hat! I found this to be a perfect opportunity to come up with something on my own! I'm not a hat person unless it's a ball cap on a sunny day and this was a cheap way to come up with a hat since it's sort of a one time gig!
I found a brown dress that had some white polka dots. I was kinda going for the "Julia Roberts at the horse race in Pretty Woman" look here. Can you believe that movie is over 20 years old now? Holy moly!

I purchased a straw hat, wide ribbon and paper flowers at the local craft store.

I played around wrapping the ribbon around the hat. The hat had two holes and I wound up using them to help hold the ribbon in place. I used fabric glue as well to attach it. I tied the hat underneath in one knot and glued it to hold the ribbon in place better.

I took two pieces of ribbon to make a flat bow. 
I looped them loosely in a cross and glued them to each other
I glued the bow to the back of the hat.

I glued the flowers in a pattern all over the hat but not on the top.

I think it turned out very cute! It'll look cute hanging somewhere in the house too. :)