Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DIY Sign - No Soliciting

How are you? I am pooped! I have spent a big part of the past week pricing and tagging items for a consignment sale and today I finally emptied my car out! Woo hoo! 

So a couple of weeks ago we had a chain of sales people going door-to-door in our neighborhood even though there is a NO SOLICITING sign at the entrance.It kinda creeps me out when I am home alone and the door bell is constantly ringing and it's strangers. Last week I had one man come and try to sell me something and I was on the way out. I wasn't rude but told him I couldn't talk. So he told me his name and then next day he showed up again with another man and he gave me a different name for himself. Uh scary!!! He asked me a lot of questions and I do not give information to strangers like that. At that point I thought I might need to make my own NO SOLICITING sign. So here it is! 

It's quite simple and turned out okay for a quickie craft!

Supply List
Lettered Stencils
Sharpie Oil Pen
Stone with hanger

 I used stencils I bought a Dollar Tree months ago.

I simply tested the lettering on a piece of paper the same size as my stone before I traced onto the stone to make sure these words would fit. Using a pencil I traced the stencils on the stone, eyeing it. Next I took the permanent oil pen and filled in the letters. Can't wait to hang it outside tomorrow!