Tuesday, September 16, 2014

More On Organizing Kid's Clothes

How's it going? Things are good here, especially after snoozing a little this morning. I don't do it very often but man sometimes a short nap is all it takes to get going.
So last week I told you I found something that I thought would change our family's life...
TA-DA! Here it is.   

I found this hanging clothing organizer thingy online on ebay for dirt cheap! I bought two, one for each child's closet. Wasn't sure how they'd work but really they work pretty well. The youngest can dress himself now so I applied vinyl stickers in each cubby to represent Monday - Friday to organize the kiddos' clothes for the week.
I must share that it is working out great! I LOVE how organized it makes us all. As far as minimizing what we own, I could see now that we don't really NEED half of the clothes in their closets. I think it will especially help on days where we have dress up days for spirit week for school. This divider set has six slots and I will probably use the bottom one for sports clothing when they start sports up! 

It fits nicely and I love how much better prepared we are for school now!

I also found a great use for these bins I used one time as coolers for a Birthday party. I'm keeping them in the top of the closets for clothes that are either too big or that they've outgrown. So far, it's working great! YAY!
Do you do anything special to help your kids get dressed for school?


Happy Tuesday, hope this finds you feeling good. I am feeling really sleepy today. I felt a little sleepy yesterday too and not in the mood to do too much around the house. This is terrible but "When all else fails take a nap!" is my attitude today. Sometimes I think it's good to have this attitude though to re-boost one's self. I think I'm going to try and re-boost now! I'll have some more projects ready for you coming soon.
Have a great day!