Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ahh Back To Packing Lunches!

I didn't think I would be so ready for my oldest to start back to school after Christmas break but I am sooooo ready. Must sound terrible but we need more structure in a serious way! Something that has helped me with packing lunches is to pre-pack on Sunday nights! Maybe it sounds disgusting and maybe it's not your thing but my mother works in food service and if she's okay with it, I've got my stamp of approval. She did, of course advise me to make sure the bread is still fresh and soft before sending and I've tested it before and the sandwiches were fine. My guy is a little picky and doesn't like much on them so it makes it a little easier that way I guess. No mayo or mustard so not a big deal. No sogginess there.

It's one less thing I have to do the rest of the week so it saves this mama majorly on time. I simply make five sandwiches and put them in containers in the fridge and each night all I have to do is pull one out with fruit and two pre-made snacks from my handy dandy snack drawer! Trying to keep it simple as the school year continues! Do you have any tips or tricks packing lunches?