Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Internet Saved My Oven With AWESOME CLeaning Tips!

Last night I found a simple way to clean your oven using ammonia and a boiling pot of water. I have
tried numerous other ways to clean my oven but wanted to try something else. This set of instructions read CLEANING YOUR OVEN - The easiest way EVER! 
Is it too good to be true? I gave it a shot last night following all the instructions carefully. You use a boiling pot of water and ammonia... So far, very good! I was so excited once I got to wiping it out this morning that I wanted to share my results. I am not finished yet but will be very soon. I am following the instructions of pulling the grates out and putting them in a garbage bag with ammonia overnight too so I will let you know how that trick goes too. Yay for Internet help!
Find the instructions here! CLEANING YOUR OVEN - The easiest way EVER!