Friday, August 31, 2012

Have A Heart OR Not! Turning Country Into Cutesy.

Updating a YUCKY old country wooden shelf, found covered in dust and cobwebs was FUN! Plus I got to post about it in peace! My whole family is asleep so I have the entire downstairs to myself and it's sooooo nice for a change! GRINS ear to ear!

 Here is the AFTER because I am so excited to share!

When I was a few states away visiting my folks several months ago, my mom asked me if there was anything in the garage I wanted. I found this baby that she used in the 80's and thought I would do something fun with it for the kiddos!

I pulled out the knobs, painted and sanded and glued them to get 'em back in their holes! I had to do a lot of sanding to the pegs to make 'em fit!

Using painters tape I masked out the areas I wanted to paint. I used leftover wall  paint, which was awesome because I knew it would flow with the colors we have in the house! I had these cute little wooden cars from a craft store. They cost about a quarter a piece. I hot glued them to cover the hearts.

I hung it in the play room so the boyeeeeeeees can hang their medals and awards! They love it! What boys don't LOVE cars, helicoptors and buses! It goes great on the pale yellow walls and they love to display their medals!

This cuddly little creature is my furry friend. I call him my little dust bunny! Teehee! He's my baby and he actually stayed out with me tonight to enjoy the quiet!
Soooo what kinds of things have you updated lately?