Friday, January 31, 2014

New Garage Door

Never thought I'd be so excited over a new garage door. It's funny how when something breaks and you go shopping for that one single item, you start noticing that item everywhere. Or at least I do. A couple years ago our garage door broke and I mean BROKE. It fell off the tracks and luckily we were in the living room, safe, and our cars were parked outside the garage. All we heard was a loud BOOM and we went running!

So the door had a big fat crack in the front and it had buckled and was bent out of shape in a few spots. We paid to have it reinforced and it lasted a while but has recently begun creaking and it was making us nervous. Well once we decided to look at garage doors, which I didn't have much interest in at first, I started thinking "decorative"! Not sure what clicked and light bulb turned on but I LOVE the craftsman style house. My mind just thinks decorating! If I could, I would transform ours into a craftsman but that would cost a fortune!

That being said, we found something we both liked that we thought would make a nice impression. As far as garage doors we wanted something solid with great insulation and steel backing. The room above the garage is barely useable because of poor insulation. We found this garage door - it fit all our needs and it's so pretty ON! It dresses the house up nicely. We had to change the rails and opener and the darn thing is super quiet and has a key pad and is helping our bonus room stay more comfortable temperature-wise. Those were the really important things and the decoration was the plus. We are so behind the times with a lot of the modern conveniences (smart phones) but are really excited about our brand new garage door we got today. Who would have ever thought?!?!?! What was the last upgrade you got really excited about????? I'd love to hear!