Saturday, July 28, 2012

Warm And Fuzzy With Craigslist Success And Such

How are you? I'm sorry it has been a while. Things have been a little busy around here lately but I'm trying to catch up on some projects I've started.

There are really a lot of nice people in this world!!! I just had to say that. As many bad things that go on in the world and with all the sad things we hear about, it's uber encouraging when GOOD things happen.
Yesterday on my drive home from work I was greeted by a crew of neighbors at the front of the neighborhood who were collecting money to send to the families affected by the shooting in Colorado. They stood out in the heat handing out bottled water to people who donated.  They didn't have to do that but they wanted to and it struck me as such an awesome thing to do.
Then today I had a really good experience with Craigslist! I don't mean to sound like a goofball but I have had some not-so-great experiences with Craigslist and today I sold a train table and train set and met a really nice family. I tried to sell it at my Spring yard sale but not much luck. I'm excited to have the play room cleared somewhat but even cooler was to sell something that our kids had outgrown to another child who could use it, and meeting new people was a big plus. Warm and fuzzy thoughts and Craigslist was a boost.