Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kitchen Makeover

Today was about the laziest day I've had in a while but it was nice. I piddled out in the yard and inside the house and still have lots to do, but today I have the "it can wait" attitude. Hope YOU had a good day!

I wanted to share our KITCHEN MAKEOVER! We started it a few years ago and made the changes slowly, as we could afford them, but it's pretty much complete now. The house was about 7 years old when we bought it and it really was a bare bones house with a good bit of wallpaper and borders and no real upgrades. 

The kitchen had light wood cabinets (which we kept) with light vinyl flooring that showed every speck of dirt that collected. The white counter tops were difficult to keep clean. I could set a wet grocery bag on the counter after unloading groceries from the car, and the lettering off the bags would stain the counters. I spent a lot of time scrubbing to get the stains off. We also had white appliances, which I LOVED the appliances but we decided to upgrade refrigerators to buy in bulk and so we went with stainless steel. 
 We chose Uba Tuba granite. It looks green outside but indoors it appears darker. We lucked out because we got a really good deal on the slab we picked out and the granite installers were able to do our kitchen using only one piece and no seams! 

NEW GRANITE - The start of the redo

We chose a simple back splash with glass tiles.
We chose a goose neck pull down faucet. The other one started leaking and broke so it wasn't just for aesthetics. ; ) The undermount sink is really nice. The old sink was white and had several cracks and stains so it was great to be able to replace.
We chose porcelain tiles in the kitchen and kitchenette, on a diagonal to give the room a nice look, although it was tough on the man doing the floors because of all the cuts he had to make. It seems to give the room more dimension and contrasts well with the cabinets and other flooring in the house.

I like pictures and I like seeing the pictures of progress instead of just the Before and After! Hope you enjoyed too. I look forward to seeing YOUR kitchens too!