Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Conquering Kitchen Clutter: Part Two

To relax? What's that? This week work has been kicking my bootay and I have fallen asleep a couple of nights on the couch! Yuk Yuk. So tonight feet are kicked up and I'm having a delightful dessert - mint Oreo cookies and a glass of milk! It's a little heaven in every bite! I'm sorry, I just haven't been able to sit down and kick back much lately so it is a nice change. Ahhh!

Getting back to my little kitchen cleanup... last weekend I went through every cabinet and drawer, one by one and pulled everything out. I ripped up the woven gripper padding which lined all the cabinets and drawers and I wiped the cabinets and drawers clean. I had thought about relining the cabinets with sticky tile linoleum but for now, I've just taken up the liners and left the cabinets as is. I did leave the liners in the cabinets where I store the glasses and everyday dishes. Since the liners are woven and have holes, the silverware cabinet had some major crumbs and were just plain icky. It feels cleaner and way more organized. I didn't take pictures of all the dishes and things I got rid of but I did get rid of a lot of stuff!

The "plastic" cabinet is always a mess so I got rid of a few items we don't use and kept what we do.
The woven liners would always lift up and get wrinkled up so I'm glad they're gone.
They just weren't necessary(like I thought) in every cabinet!

We got new pots and pans and dishes for Christmas so it was time to do a kitchen overhaul and go through everything! 

Just a little reorganizing goes a looooong way! Now it's easier to find things and by simplifying what I have in the kitchen, cooking has been more fun and less stressful.

I'm really looking forward to revealing a project I've been working on this week, that is when I haven't been crashing on the couch! I'll give you a little hint... I am doing something to update the living room curtains! One panel is complete and I'll share when I have them all finished! I think you'll like!

Ta Ta For Now!