Monday, December 30, 2013

Our House At Christmas

How are you? Things here are good. I've been dancing a lot today to "Just Dance" that the kids got for Christmas! Hilarious. It's so much fun and I think I have burned off lunch!
Do you do a lot to the outside of your house for Christmas? I like to put up lights and do it up classy! I have shown many pictures of our home but never a full frontal! Here it is front and center. We are most happy with the green grass this year!
This year I had a little addition to the front yard and that was a Santa on a bicycle. Its wheels spin like crazy when the wind blows and I love it! It came from a kite store at our favorite beach.

As for the house, I put wreaths on all most all of the front windows. I have a wreath I made on the front door, porch trees that are lit up and clear lights in all the bushes. This year I added clear lights up the tree in the front yard too. Love decorating for the holidays! How are your holidays going?