Sunday, July 9, 2017

Peachy Beachy!

HELLO! How are you? It's Sunday night around ten o'clock and I just woke up from a nap! What a nap! What an odd time to take a nap, huh? I got up super early for church this morning after a late night last night so I was dying earlier, could hardly keep my eyes open. I feel refreshed and energized now though. Yeehaw!

How's your summer going? Mine is going really well. I'm trying to soak in all the time and enjoy it to the fullest! This summer has been really relaxing so far. Since things have slowed down I'm trying to pick up on all my hobbies. I'm so excited - I read two books in the past couple weeks, worked on three puzzles, just finishing a 1,000 piece puzzle today. My tomato plants this year have taken off! I'm back to writing blog posts and working on house updates! Just enjoying LIFE and not feeling like I have to try for once!  

A couple of weeks ago we took a week long vacation to a beach in Florida. We're trying out lots of beaches we've never been to before. I say I would love to live at the beach and I think it would be wonderful but I sure do love coming back home and seeing all the lush green trees which encompass HOME for us!

Even though we are back home we can all enjoy bits and pieces of the beach! Here's a new addition to the living room. It's a canvas print of the beach in a driftwood type of wooden frame.

I added the large picture a month or so ago. We're slowly changing things to create a subtle beachy feel. My husband picked out this picture on a family outing and at first I wasn't so sure but I went with it and honestly it looks really nice. I am a matchy matchy kind of girl when it comes to furniture and picture frames but I love the relaxed way a beach cottage or house flows with mismatched furniture and wall hangings. Normally I would have black, white, cherrywood or dark walnut frames  hanging on the walls. I have to force myself out of the box so to speak!  

Here are some views of the new picture over the love seat. I used to have a modern painting of a big red flower. I like the colors in this with everything else in the house.

See my whale and turtle pillows too! It's fun and really simple. Those are burlap pillow covers I ordered online. I am super conscious about spending money and I look for great deals on everything so they were pretty inexpensive! Anyway this photograph is a little dark but I love the way the room looks with the new addition!

Hope you are doing well and hope you are able to get to the beach too this summer! Happy Day!

Keep It Simple YAY
KISY for short :-)


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Front Stoop Charm

Happy SUMMER SOLSTICE to you! Hope your day is wonderful!

With the extra time today I'm working on laundry, dishes and cleaning the hizzie on the inside. I'll be clearing out weeds in the back later on when it cools down. So exciting but yesterday we all got sun-zapped from the pool so we're taking a much needed break! What are you up to?

Here's a little info about myself - A lovely front porch is top on my list of "must haves" if we ever move again! I love a nice porch to sit out on and relax. Trying to learn some new ways to relax and sitting is one. Sitting on my "stoop" that is! Haha! Get it?! I can't really call what we have a PORCH but I can dream! :-)

I tried to create a little oasis not to mention a subtle beachy/coastal look. We LOVE the beach, no secret either. I pulled a plastic Adirondack chair from our back yard and added it to the stoop including a throw pillow for a splash of color and comfort, and some flowers and plants.

 Side view so you can see how small the stoop actually is.

I almost sold these big planters in our Spring YARD SALE! Glad I didn't and so is a bird who has made her nest in the plant! They had gold swirly accents around the pots and I just don't like GOLD that much soooo... I took some leftover pale blue latex paint and lightly brushed over the gold swirly accents! What a change it made!  
 This here cozy grouping of plants makes me happy.

So far I LOVE it! I throw on some music and sit and watch heat lightning at night or listen to nature and it's my little piece of heaven. Some nights a kiddo will even join me on the step with a popsicle.

Do you have a front porch, stoop or patio? Hope you get some relaxation this summer. Talk soon!

Keep It Simple YAY

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Mid Year Post

Pretty much sucks I haven't written a single post in almost a year. How are things going? I've been trying to stay afloat in family life and work through some things this year. I just haven't been able to get creative really. Well I say that... I've been creative just not in the bloggy sense.

Things have been good here, kinda been in a slump just trying to keep it going. I've got some updates to share so instead of talking about it and not doing, I need to get on the ball and post again and try to be more active. This site was supposed to be a creative outlet for myself. I have ditched all social media in the past year because it all drives me bonkers. Facebook, Twitter... I love seeing what other people are doing and sharing things myself but I'm over social media for the sake of being social. Just burned out. I don't know, electronics are great and all but I kinda miss my flip phone and old school ways of being in touch. I don't like seeing what smart phones, texting and social media is doing to our society as far as driving, staying active and just being human and real. I see the positives but I also see where it can be detrimental in some relationships. I'm just about over it!

Okay, jumping off my pedestal, I started this blog to be creative because for years I felt like I missed my calling as an Interior Decorator. I don't know if I did but I'm trying to follow my other callings and move on and live life to the fullest in as many aspects as possible. Home decorating is a favorite so I'm going to work on posting some more things about our house, I guess a lot of it is superficial but its the simple things and the family that creates a home. Trying to have some fun with our recent updates! I'm totally rambling on and it's late on a summer night! Happy Summer by the way!

On a side note - on the first official day of summer this week I told my kids to try and pretend we live at the beach! Just so you know, we do not live at the beach but we LOVE the beach... So we've been doing that all week and honestly it does change your perspective a good deal. The things we do! :)

Hope this finds anyone who might read my blog doing well.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year To You and Yours! I've put so many home decorating and house projects on hold but am going to try and get back to it and start writing posts again.

How has your year gone? I hope really well. I'm going to try and get back on track with my projects.  Happy New Year and Happy February and Happy Weekend!

Keep It Simple YAY!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

DIY Chalk Paint

How are you? How has your summer been? I hope
good. Mine hasn't been what I planned but it has been pretty good. Looking back on the past several posts, I notice I had all these things I wanted to accomplish for 2016. Funny haha! Dontcha hate it when you say you want to do something and then you don't or you can't?! I haven't been able to keep up with things this summer so really I'm trying to do a speedy catch up on all my projects now in the month of August, just before school starts back.   
Woohoo! So has anyone used chalk paint before? Do you like chalk paint? I've concocted my own before, mixing plaster of paris in with a can of latex, and this time I've used a different powder with latex. I'll tell you all about it after I'm finished. I normally don't post pictures of incomplete projects on the internet but this is a work in process and I'm not sure how long it will take really. I'm trying to be very patient and take my time. Sometimes I rush through painting projects to the point I'm not crazy about the result. Hoping to get it right this time. So far I've completed painting the exterior of this cabinet, including the inside and outside of the door. Next I'm going to sand and wax it up baby! I'm looking forward to sharing this after I'm finished. If anyone has any advice on the waxing process, I'd love to hear it! Happy Monday!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Yard Lights

Rise and shine! Yippee - It's hump day! Only one more week of packing lunches for a few months on this end. YEEHAW! This mom is ready for a break! Almost Summer for the kiddos.
I'm finished with my regular job until September and currently am working on a nice punch list of things to do while I've got some time to myself. Playing catch up and it's like heaven to be able to catch up on some things without constantly hearing, "Mom, Mommy, I need you, Help, NOW!!!!!" Teehee. It's kinda of a staycation and I've got it planned out. 
So today after a morning appointment I've got these new doo-dads to put out around the house. For the past couple of months I've been hard at work doing landscaping. I made a couple of beds in our back yard, planted and raked up 30 bags of leaves and dragged them to the curb. Do you like yard work? I love it because it's a form of exercise for the body and the brain. I find it so therapeutic to be outside doing something. Been trying to turn our yard into a playground for the birds and so far it has been a lot of fun seeing what hangs out in our yard.
So I got three packs of new lights at Wal-Mart on sale and can't wait to get them in the yard.
We used to have some other ones but after years of use they died and got torn up by hail. Do you have yard lights or did you skip that one??? Anyway, more on the yard beautification process later. Hope this note finds everyone doing well HAPPY HuMp DAY!  

Monday, May 30, 2016

Weathered Look Painting Technique

Hi everybody! How are you? It's been awhile! Facebook viewfinder read something like ninety-something days since I've made a post. Yikes! I've been pretty busy the past few months trying to get myself in a routine and adjust to another phase of life really. Every phase is a transition and every transition is different and comes with its own challenges. I really don't like change all that much and lately we've had a lot of changes in our family life. Having said that, things are good on this end. They are looking up now! Hope everyone has been doing well!
I have a passion for all things pretty or attractive and all things that go in a home. LOL! Even when I'm away from home visiting relatives, etc. I like to browse home furnishings and d├ęcor. I'm not looking to add anything else to our house but I like to look. I think it's so much fun! Here is a piece I saw in a store while visiting my parents. I kinda liked the paint job. I'm fascinated by painting furniture and took a picture of this so I could remember what it looked like. It appeared to have several different paint colors brushed on and to me it was pretty neat looking. I'm getting ready to paint some furniture myself and am trying to find inspiration. 

Have you attempted painting furniture in your home? What did you think? What was your process? Hmm!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Get Rid of Toilet Rings

Happy Monday! Hope everybody has a great day! It's early here and I'm trying to start off the week on the right foot. Already been to the gym, worked out, showered and getting ready to cook some breakfast before starting my day.

Wanted to get this quickie tip in for the day! I just have to say I'm more than impressed with this little doo-dad below! We have a home that is on the older end of age. It's not super old but it's older so with that comes some things we have to maintain to keep it looking newer. One of the things that drives us nuts is those dirty looking rings around the toilet bowls. I've tried all kinds of cleaners and finally found something that cleaned the ring but didn't scratch or damage the porcelain. Woohoo!

It's this Pumie Scouring Stick below. It's a soft scouring stick. I say it's soft because it disintegrates while using it. It's not like a hard pumice bar you use on your foot. It definitely did the job and cleared away the ring deposits left on the toilet. Anyway I tried it on one toilet and it made it look brand new!

I was so excited to try it out that I didn't take a before picture but I will take a before and after once I do the next toilet. Can't wait to get all our toilets sparking to share! Who woulda thought!

That's all for now! Until next time!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

House Projects 2016

Long time no see! I'm so sorry. Things are good here. Different phases of life are always new transitions and been going through yet a new one. Hope all is well with you!

To help myself get motivated again, I'm making a punch list of things I want to accomplish around the house. These are the "indoor" things anyway! Here it is as follows:

Finish playroom
-paint wall where light switch plate is
-add wall hangings
-paint white cabinet

Kid's bedroom
-find paint chips at hardware store
-paint room
-reorganize room, wall hanging stuff, rearrange furniture, sell old items

Other kid's room
-paint dresser
-organize closet, toys again
-sell old stuff

-refinish kitchen table
-refinish cabinet in kitchen

Living room
Change out curtains in living room

Bonus room
-add some new wall hangings

Thanks for following along! I'll share my progress as I get going again!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Flu and Potted Plants - Oh Me Oh My

How are you? Long time no see but I'm sure you have been busy on your end. We've been doing things too but really the past couple of weeks have been a bit of a downer trying to recover from the Flu, Bronchitis and Strep. :- ( 
Just hoping our household is on the upswing of things now.
Well my post is pretty random but I'm kind of an "all over the place" kind of thinker most of the time anyway so here goes...
I'm really not that great of a gardener. I try though, really I do! As far as in the flowers and plants area, I'd say I'm pretty minimalistic. We'll call it that since I just don't have a very green thumb! So mainly the flowers you see in my yard are in pots. Yes potted plants. Yee Haw.
I bought a couple of beautiful large metal planters a while back and planted them full of soil and flowers and honestly they did horribly. The rain and weather drowned what I had planted even with rocks placed in the bottom of the pots. So here's what I did next after emptying everything out - I got out my electric drill and randomly drilled holes in the bottom so water will escape.  
outside of pot where I drilled. Wear your safety glasses!
This is the inside of the pot if you couldn't tell. :)
I imagine it will help the next plant I put in it. I sure hope so anyway. I don't know that this little post will help you but thought I'd share anyway. Drilling is an easy task. Let's hope it works. Thanks for reading if anyone did.
Okay now go get that flu shot if you haven't already! You definitely do not want the flu. There is my real tip of the day. Hope all is well. Over and Out!