Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kids Rock And I'm In Shock!

Tonight out of the blue my kids started having a discussion with each other about selling stuff. Before I knew it and without any coercion they had made a huge pile in their play room of toys, books, games, dvds, and other things to sell. I'm currently tagging clothing to sell and was shocked to see how my boys went back and forth about their toys and talked to each other about what they wanted to sell and keep. They were both very concerned with each other's feelings about each item and it warmed my heart. I asked them about several of the items because I was concerned it was too much for them at such a young age. It amazed me! At one point the oldest was asking the youngest about a particular car toy and the youngest decided to keep it because he got it when he was hurt and in the hospital. Just heart warming to see the boys do that. Here is the pile they came up with.

The boys bagged them up because it made them a little sad and they wanted to get the toys out to get some new toys. I'm proud of my two little guys! Do you let your kids go through their toys to donate or sell? I think it was a really good experience for them!