Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Duct Tape Hanger Post RENIG!

Oh so I must update my blog and let you know what happened with the duct tape hanger on the back of the spoon mirror! Well, we were sleeping one night last week, the night after I hung the mirror on the wall, annnnnndddddd our burglar alarm went off scaring the mess out of my husband and me. We have NEVER had this happen before where it went off and it wasn't one of us setting it off accidentally. We checked the kids and ran downstairs to find the spoon mirror on the floor with a hand full of spoons scattered on the hardwoods. The duct tape hanger did not work! Knowing how strong duct tape is, I know it would work in some way to hold the mirror on the wall but this was a BIG FAT NO! It probably had to do with the positioning of the tape. The mirror fell on the floor setting off the glass breaks on the windows, which set the burglar alarm off. NICE. So now my hubs kinda dislikes the mirror a WHOLE lot! Anyhow I glued the spoons back on and went to Michaels where I bought a large plate holder. AWESOMENESS! It fit the back side and it works! It is WAY BETTER. So if you decide to make one of these, be sure to hang it with a PLATE HANGER! Hope your day is a good one! The temps here are absolutely wonderful and I can't wait to get outside today!