Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fun Finds On A Whim

I have a serious question for you guys! Um, would I be the odd parent out if I bought a SNUGGIE and wore it to my child's pee wee soccer games??? I have been toying with the idea but I am afraid out being ousted for using one. I am just so cold natured and this will be outdoor soccer. I guess a fleece blanket will do! Guess I answered my own question.

What have you been up to? We just finished up with our son's very first sport ever - basketball and now we're onto soccer, and it's going to be kinda weird going from an indoor sport to an outdoor one. It's so much fun though watching pee wees play!

Anyway, last night after work, I drove all over creation to buy soccer gear for the little guy and we got him all set up. On our outing we went to ROSS Dress For Less looking for cleats and I found these babies. Oh my gosh! I just love the patterns and color combinations of these planters and have been wanting to get some live plants to keep indoors.  

Dontcha just love em? I thought they'd go great in our house and they were very inexpensive compared to what I think they would cost at other stores. Check out ROSS if you have one near you. They had some really cool planters and things for Spring. Maybe I should have gotten plants first but as soon as I find some good indoor plants that don't require a lot of light I will post pictures. Can't wait! Do you have a lot of indoor plants in your house? What kinds of plants do you prefer?