Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cricut CrAzY with Vinyl!

Yesterday we had a large crowd for our son's Birthday. I got a little carried away with vinyl and my Cricut cutter. Uh I think I got A LOT carried away! Just Scroll down.

See which tea was most popular!  I hand washed so I could leave the stickers on for a while. Whatever you do, Do NOT run through the dishwasher!

Can't believe I am showing you the next pix because it was overkill but I thought it would be helpful because people usually can't figure out our kitchen trash can. The trash can opens when waving your hand over its sensor. We didn't buy it for the sensor, it was  a purchase because of its shape. It's easy to shimmy a full bag out! We're dorks and research minor things like this.


Yeah it was overkill but my dorkiness took over. I took the wall "help" down as soon as the party was over. My hub's buddy was making fun of them, that he half expected to see a sign in the potty room saying flush the toilet. Nah it would have read, "leave the seat down!"