Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cover A Lamp Shade With Fabric

How are you? It has been a VERY busy week and a VERY busy weekend. I am sitting here doing one of my favorite things. I'm sitting watching HGTV and eating popcorn in peace and quiet. I adore our children and feel blessed to have them but some days it's just nice after they go to bed. If you have kids, you might understand. ; )

The week was jam packed with work, soccer practice, two games over the weekend and lots of yard work and oh a trip to the Urgent Care late one night because our almost two year old dislocated his arm. I think I have a few more gray hairs after this week. 

So I must share a fun project that got me into blogging! Do you notice all the awesome lamp shades in stores these days? I really like them and would take home so many lamps if I.) I had room and 2.) I had the money. A lot of the lamps and lamp shades I have seen are outrageous in price, which I just cannot see spending, especially if I can do it myself! 
So all you need to do this project is a neutral lamp shade, preferably white or offwhite, the fabric of your choice, adhesive spray in a can, a pencil and fabric scissors! It's so easy and so much fun. Be sure to do it outside!

Play with your fabric and position it around the lamp. Lay it on a table and using a pencil, roll the shade and mark the fabric with a pencil. Leave about an inch wider than the lamp. Using fabric shears, cut the fabric, spray the adhesive on and wrap the fabric to fit the shade. Spray the shade and lay the fabric. You can smooth out the fabric as you go. It's so easy to fix too because the fabric is very forgiving. The glue is tacky so you can pull the fabric off and easily re-stretch it if you need to! You'll need about a quarter of an inch on top and bottom to wrap the edges over the shade. Let the shade dry overnight. You'll have an awesome new shade when you're finished! Do you think you'll try this? I'd love to hear if you do!