Monday, October 24, 2011

Up To Eyeballs In Whimsical Halloween!

It's a week until Halloween and we're counting down! I think Halloween is my favorite holiday. Dressing up in costumes, decking the house in pumpkins and ghosts galore is so much fun. Really I don't have many Halloween decorations so this year I have been making a lot of my own to add some color and fun to the house! Here is one silly centerpiece I did. 

I collected sticks in the back yard and painted them black! I used craft paint and applied it using one of those craft sponges on a stick. Then I found some silly eyeball foam stickers and I scattered the eyeballs all over my wooden vase for fun.

It has transformed the dining room into silly Halloween! We can't be too scary because of the kids so this is fun, colorful and whimsical!