Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Organizing Baby & School Papers All In One!

I am so psyched! I found an awesome site with lots of organizing goodies! I have to give credit where credit is due - Destination Domestication - Check her out! I didn't come up with these on my own by any means but I LOVE the idea and knew it was something I needed to make to help my sanity. I have a first grader and with all the school papers and artwork, it gets to be a lot! I think this system is going to be great for organizing my childrens' things! Right now I have boxes and bags of things in the tops of their closets and this will certainly simplify!

I still have baby books but am way behind on them and this should help to get things better organized! Woot Woot! Just a little excited!

Since I am on a budget and pinching pennies like never before I went the cheapest route I could find! I was in BJ's warehouse doing my bulk grocery shopping when I came across a box of 50 standard green hanging file folders with labels and plastic label markers for $7.00. I bought those and then found the bins 2 for $13.00 at OfficeMax this week. I scooped them up too. 

After test driving two cars and while sitting waiting on my car to be serviced at the dealership yesterday, I cut out my labels. Because I don't like my handwriting I typed them in WORD and pre-printed 'em using the same labels as on Destination Domestication. I altered the last one to "WORK" because my kids will probably have some sort of jobs before they are 18.  

Today I spent time getting help with my Cricut because it has been dragging when cutting. Finally got it reset and cut the names out of vinyl. SWEETNESS!  

LOVING this project and it didn't cost much to make. Now it's time to start transferring papers over to this new system. Can't wait! Thank you Destination Domestication!