Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sanitize A Water Gun For Winter

Are you ready for summer to be over??? I've been in denial that summer is over. It's hot here in the afternoons and this is when the pool should be open but college and high school lifeguards have gone back to school and I've gotta get over it! It's official though. Summer is over and I have got to come to grips! Seriously!

So when I decided to finally deal with it and clean out the pool bag, I opened the super soaker water guns my children frequently used and took a sniff and got a whiff, let me tell you. Disgusting! What was I thinking?!?! Well it dawned on me I needed to clean those suckers out for the summer or we'd have to toss them.

Saving money doesn't include throwing away a perfectly good toy. We love the super soakers so I had to sanitize to winterize!

I filled the water guns with cold water and added several drops of tea tree oil to sanitize the guns.

I let the water guns sit in the sink for a little while and then sprayed some of the water out and finally poured the rest out the back end.

The super soakers are now clean and ready to use again next summer.
They smell so much better too!