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I'm married, a mom of two and I have a passion for design and love to try new things. Any spare time I get, I try to make our home more comfortable. I love home interiors and decorating and pretty much anything arts and crafts. I think a home should be a place of complete comfort and relaxation but also a place you enjoy to look at. I like SIMPLE. I always have and probably always will. I'm not crazy about super ornate, overly decorative ANYTHING but I do like many different styles of décor. I'm an organizational freak. At times though you wouldn't know it because of the piles everywhere. I'm constantly moving things around in the house trying to organize and change up décor. I have an ongoing "to do" list of simple décor and organizational ideas to update things. I'll be posting projects big and small that I have done or am working on and just want to have fun.


On Blogger since November 2010 - A couple of years ago I had a decent sized following and after changing platforms lost all my followers so I'm working to regroup and re-boost. Please follow along for some crafting and blogging fun! Thanks so much for visiting my site!

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