Thursday, October 17, 2013

Table Top Decor From Dollar Tree

Halloween is almost here and the kids are talking about what they want to be this year. Unlike every other year they haven't decided yet. The house has been all decked since the beginning of October and so that part is fun and done!
Here is our kitchen table. I didn't do anything fancy. I really wanted to keep it cute for the kids. Have you been to Dollar Tree lately? They have some of the cutest Halloween decorations! I picked up the chair covers and felt pumpkins and spider webs which I used as place mats. The table isn't totally balanced since it has the pumpkin and spider web place mats but I thought it worked!

If I had thought about it I would have covered the light fixture with black shades and hung spiders from it. My kids don't like spiders though so I have to be careful! What have you done to spruce up for Halloween?


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Organizing to Treat My Boots Better

Boots - I love boots in the winter time but I haven't been treating my boots the greatest. See the Before picture and how sad they were. They were all limp and the leather could easily be damaged by storing them this way. Saw this on Pinterest and LOVE!
The After picture shows them happily standing! This way hopefully the leather won't wear and age as badly.
My solution was to cut a pool noodle and stuff it in each boot to hold them up!

I didn't show a picture of me cutting the noodle but I used a bread knife and it worked really well!

Check it out again - Before and After the pool noodle!

Hope you have a great start of a new week.