Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spray Painting is a HOOT

Hey this could be my site's mascot or something! 
Spray paints are waaay too much fun to play around with! When I look back at my art portfolio, some of my favorite paintings are those I've created using spray paints. I really like the different textures, cool shapes and bold prints I was able to get using the paints and different objects to help embellish a piece. There are so many things you can do with spray paints. Even though it's against the law, I am forever fascinated with art on trains or walls made by graffiti artists. I am blown away by the details and colors at such a large scale! I would love to be a fly on the wall so to speak to see how the artists do it!

I'm a little random tonight. I have been seriously working to break in my new bicycle so I've been spending a good deal of time outside in the sunshine! It's great fun to ride after work and it puts my youngest to sleep which is just wonderful to say the least! One thing I don't understand though is that when we go for family bike rides, I seem to be the only one swallowing a bunch of bugs. I know it's completely gross but I'm a little disturbed that no one else is having this issue!

Speaking of bugs, I accidentally touched a creepy crawly slug tonight in the yard. Ewww! It was under a piece of cardboard I used in spray painting some decorative objects for the dining room and kitchen. Yuck-Oh!

My object of spray paint was an owl figure. Originally it was a brown speckled owl which was nice and rich looking but I wanted to make it more fun!

Next I made it white. I liked it white but I wanted to make it stand out a little. 

Finally I made it blue using Valspar glossy spray paint. I eventually want to pair up the owl with something else in the kitchen. That will be another project!

Oh I have to add too that our yard looks a little like I tried to test out graffiti painting because I accidentally painted the grass in a couple of areas. Whoops! Hope everyone is doing well!