Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fixtures and Features and Doors Rehung!

Guess what I did last weekend? I was so pumped and wanted to tell you but came down with strep which turned into pneumonia and here I am done with antibiotics, a steroid shot and an inhaler, yada yada. You catch the drift. Still not 100%.

Anyway this project was before I got ill. First off let me remind you that we live in an older home which doesn't have all the latest and greatest fixtures and features that I adore(not really adore but you know what I mean!) so we are slowly replacing and updating things. So it came with the aged brass door knobs, hinges and fixtures.

I changed out all the interior doors first(over a year ago). I did the exterior door knobs and hinges and we quickly discovered the hinges weren't very good hinges. The hinges were adjustable whatever that means. All I know is they did a horrible job at holding the doors up. They had these little nuts on the top and bottom of the hinges that kept falling off causing the doors to shift and not close. It took a lot of lifting and pulling to close the doors and lock them tightly.

What I was so pumped about was that I changed out the hinges on these doors by myself. I did all the interior doors, which wasn't a big deal because they were light weight. For those I simply removed a hinge, replaced a hinge, until I had all three done for each door. This door and the other exterior doors are solid and heavy. I actually had to take all hinges off and drill new holes into the doors and door jams for the new hinges. It was awesome. I had the doors completely off the hinges and was able to hang them by myself. I used a couple of rugs to prop under each door to help lift and hold at the height I needed. I couldn't believe I got it done but now the doors swing nicely and lock easily. Yay to the exterior doors being done. One less thing to have to mark off the to do list!

See what I mean - the hinges came apart, separating and loosening causing the door to loosen on the hinges. 

I didn't do a before but this is the after - brushed nickel door handle, lock and kick plate with a fresh paint job!