Thursday, September 26, 2013

Super Simple Star Wars Birthday Party Favor

What is new with you? For my son's birthday this year he wanted Star Wars. His party was very simple without a lot of fluff this year because I usually go all out and wear myself down. I don't think he even noticed it was simpler!
Here is the simplest party favor I could come up with. I found these white tumblers at Dollar Tree. I think 4 came in a pack. I made 12. I found a silhouette of Darth Vader and simply free-handed the shape on vinyl and cut with scissors. I applied the vinyl stickers to the cups and there you have it.
This post just reminded me I think I forgot a couple September Birthdays this year. Happy Birthday to my friends with September Birthdays! :-) Hope all is well!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sanitize A Water Gun For Winter

Are you ready for summer to be over??? I've been in denial that summer is over. It's hot here in the afternoons and this is when the pool should be open but college and high school lifeguards have gone back to school and I've gotta get over it! It's official though. Summer is over and I have got to come to grips! Seriously!

So when I decided to finally deal with it and clean out the pool bag, I opened the super soaker water guns my children frequently used and took a sniff and got a whiff, let me tell you. Disgusting! What was I thinking?!?! Well it dawned on me I needed to clean those suckers out for the summer or we'd have to toss them.

Saving money doesn't include throwing away a perfectly good toy. We love the super soakers so I had to sanitize to winterize!

I filled the water guns with cold water and added several drops of tea tree oil to sanitize the guns.

I let the water guns sit in the sink for a little while and then sprayed some of the water out and finally poured the rest out the back end.

The super soakers are now clean and ready to use again next summer.
They smell so much better too! 


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fixtures and Features and Doors Rehung!

Guess what I did last weekend? I was so pumped and wanted to tell you but came down with strep which turned into pneumonia and here I am done with antibiotics, a steroid shot and an inhaler, yada yada. You catch the drift. Still not 100%.

Anyway this project was before I got ill. First off let me remind you that we live in an older home which doesn't have all the latest and greatest fixtures and features that I adore(not really adore but you know what I mean!) so we are slowly replacing and updating things. So it came with the aged brass door knobs, hinges and fixtures.

I changed out all the interior doors first(over a year ago). I did the exterior door knobs and hinges and we quickly discovered the hinges weren't very good hinges. The hinges were adjustable whatever that means. All I know is they did a horrible job at holding the doors up. They had these little nuts on the top and bottom of the hinges that kept falling off causing the doors to shift and not close. It took a lot of lifting and pulling to close the doors and lock them tightly.

What I was so pumped about was that I changed out the hinges on these doors by myself. I did all the interior doors, which wasn't a big deal because they were light weight. For those I simply removed a hinge, replaced a hinge, until I had all three done for each door. This door and the other exterior doors are solid and heavy. I actually had to take all hinges off and drill new holes into the doors and door jams for the new hinges. It was awesome. I had the doors completely off the hinges and was able to hang them by myself. I used a couple of rugs to prop under each door to help lift and hold at the height I needed. I couldn't believe I got it done but now the doors swing nicely and lock easily. Yay to the exterior doors being done. One less thing to have to mark off the to do list!

See what I mean - the hinges came apart, separating and loosening causing the door to loosen on the hinges. 

I didn't do a before but this is the after - brushed nickel door handle, lock and kick plate with a fresh paint job!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ultimate Fail While Cleaning The Potty Room

I've been cleaning the house like a mad woman and butter fingers got the best of me! What a waste of a good roll of tp. Thought you could use a laugh today. Happy Weekend!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Gross Me Out - Bugs On LED Light Bulbs

EWWW Holy Grossness. I hadn't cleaned my light fixtures in a while and come to find out they were nasty buggy! GROSS ME OUT! Gnats everywhere! EWWWWW.

Well since I am home full time now I have more time to do things like clean and recycle. Today I made a trip the local recycling center to drop off some LED light bulbs that burned out. They are LED, which contain small amounts of mercury so they have to be disposed of properly.

When I dropped off the bulbs I asked a man at the recycling center about the bulbs attracting bugs. He confirmed that they do but that it's not the type of light bulb but the color spectrum. He suggested a more yellow bulb wouldn't attract insects like the bright white. I confirmed it on the Internet. Yesss! I learned something new today! Information that comes in handy!!! Glad I'm not just crazy about the buggy bulbs. Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Trash Can For The Car

How are you today? It is so hot here!!! The pool is closed during the week now so I have to find other things to do. The pool was awesome while it lasted but now it's back to reality. haha. School has started back and I guess one positive thing about the pool closing is that it gives me more time to catch up on things around the house. 

So it's organizing and cleaning and crafting! Oh my! So one thing I really LOVE when it is clean is my car. I love my car but I love it so much more when it is clean and it's not clean as much as I'd like it to be. To help myself and the little men who ride in my car the most, I was on a search for a "garbage can" to help with all the litter. Dollar Tree it was! I found this adorable bag at the Dollar Tree! It says Keep The Planet Green. I thought it was super cute and it was a dollar. 

Once I tried to put it in my car I realized the handle wasn't long enough to fit over the head rest on my front passenger seat. Boo! The bag was too cute NOT to use in my car so I came up with a solution!

I cut the handle at the top right in the middle and added velcro to each end and fastened the ends.

Now I can open and close the velcro to hang the garbage bag. I did have a plastic grocery bag there before and my husband thought it looked a little ghetto. I have to admit that this is much cuter. 

So here it is - a garbage back and box of tissues to handle the kids' needs. 

Yay for a cute bag to help keep my car stay clean! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Some of Us Still Use Snail Mail

How are you??? I am tickled to have found a better use for these baskets I put together a few years ago with paint and burlap. I hung them on hooks in my pantry to hold plastic grocery bags. It wasn't the best use of the baskets so I added the black wooden letters for incoming and outgoing mail and hung them in the laundry room next to our keys. The "in" basket is currently overflowing. Uggh, another thing to go through and sort.

What have you been up to? Happy Hump Day!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bunk Bed Find on Craigslist!

I am sooooo excited with a win from Craigslist! Time for another room redo! My youngest is growing up and has grown out of his crib. Found a great bunk bed on Craigslist! Oh the ladder is on top so our boys don't play on it right now. We'll see what I come up with for bedding and a room redo! Can't wait!

Motivated To Organize!

Organized is what I strive for but I'm not quite there yet. Definitely working on it though! I've been traveling some the past few weeks and this past weekend got to spend some time with some really close friends I hadn't seen in a while. What a nice weekend!

Anyhow I am trying to get organized and the motivator this time is TOYS! We have TOYS galore. I've worked to get them sorted and organized and will share what type of organization system I used. I'm really working to have a place for everything in the house. We'll see how it turns out! 

Long Lost Blog Images

If you go back to any of my earlier posts you'll see most of my images are missing. Technical issues have caused all my image links to disappear so I'll be taking time to relink all of my blog images. Bummer but hope you can bear with me. Hope you have a great week and we'll talk soon!

Cheapo Play Room Wall Art

I looked at my last post and can't believe it is nearing a month since I've been on here. Not intentional. Last night I sat and watched a new show on TV with my feet in a foot massage thingy to dull the aches from keeping up with them at the pool. It's all good though! How is your summer going? I hope you are having a great summer!

Below is a little addition I made to the play room. I picked up 5 small wooden painted cars at Michael's for about a quarter a piece and hung them on the wall with 3M wall hangers. Super cheap and easy. They don't have to be perfect or symmetrical and something like this can be a simple addition to a child's room. Happy summer. Gotta try and get to the pool today before it rains!

Summer Projects Started - 6-9-13

How are you? Is school out where you are? It's out here and I can't believe how fast the year went. I feel a little bad for my kids because the first official days of summer break I've been trying to get lots of sleep to get over strep. Things have been different - the past several months my family has been thrown some serious curve balls and we're all trying to keep moving and simply embrace change.

Today was more productive. I finally got off my rump (yay for more energy. i hate being sick and laying around) and worked on our exterior door knobs, locks and hinges. I am so excited to have made some progress. The door knobs have been sitting in a closet for over a YEAR and the hinges for MONTHS. I'm not sure why it has taken so long to motivate but I'm glad I finally did. Little things like drilling new holes to fit the hinges is so much fun when I get into it. The power drill was put to use today! Went out to Lowe's today and got some new drill bits and sure used them. I still have to replace the front door hardware and two hinges to the back door so everything matches and we don't have brassy gold glaring back at us!

I'm going to try and do a project a day and I'll let you know how it goes. What are you doing with your summer? What are your plans around your house?


I feel a little numb tonight. Well A LOT numb. HOLY COW! How many of you watch Game of Thrones??? There really isn't much that I like to watch on TV besides HG TV(go figure!) but my hubs and father both read this series and I got hooked on the HBO series as soon as I was introduced to the first episode. It's jam-packed with action and drama and unfortunately has the most shock factor of any story I have heard about. Tonight I cried. I'm still sad, sniff sniff. Seriously since I haven't read the books I don't know what good could possibly come out of the story and man does it know how to tick me off. I  think all of my favorite characters are going to get killed off. Still it's so intriguing with all of the stories going on at once. I have no idea how the Season Finale will turn out but this unsettling numbness sucks tonight. So sad. Just had to share my opinion of the show. Man!

Looks Like My Site Has Been Spammed OR Hacked

In the process of removing my Wordpress site and transferring back to Blogger, I have lost my links for a lot of posts. I am working to fix this but it will take some time. In the mean time someone has put ads throughout my posts. Just wanted to let you know where I stand. Can't wait to get some summer projects done to share with you. Happy Friday!