Sunday, September 1, 2013


I feel a little numb tonight. Well A LOT numb. HOLY COW! How many of you watch Game of Thrones??? There really isn't much that I like to watch on TV besides HG TV(go figure!) but my hubs and father both read this series and I got hooked on the HBO series as soon as I was introduced to the first episode. It's jam-packed with action and drama and unfortunately has the most shock factor of any story I have heard about. Tonight I cried. I'm still sad, sniff sniff. Seriously since I haven't read the books I don't know what good could possibly come out of the story and man does it know how to tick me off. I  think all of my favorite characters are going to get killed off. Still it's so intriguing with all of the stories going on at once. I have no idea how the Season Finale will turn out but this unsettling numbness sucks tonight. So sad. Just had to share my opinion of the show. Man!

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