Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Clean Microwave In Five Minutes!

Do you have a certain way of cleaning your microwave??? It may be common sense to most people but I thought I'd share what I do just in case! Everybody does things differently and it's great to learn different ways of doing things. Tonight I noticed the microwave needed to be cleaned after heating up leftover meatloaf, not to mention making bacon for breakfast over the weekend. Caked on ketchup and bacon grease!

I can't believe I am showing you the inside of our microwave. Yuck!!

This is a natural way to do it so that you're not filling your microwave of chemicals with the potential of getting chemicals in any food you might cook.

Fill a coffee cup or bowl with water, preferably a cup or bowl with a handle so you don't scald yourself. Nukiwave it for three minutes. After the timer goes off, use a clean, damp sponge or microfiber cloth and wipe clean. The steam from the hot water helps loosen the caked on food so it makes it very easy to clean! I did take the glass plate out of the microwave and hand wash it although the hot water did a great job of loosening the grime for me. I needed to wash the bottom of the plate too!

For sanitizing purposes, either squeeze a little bit of lemon juice OR put a little baking soda in your water dish before heating it up. It sanitizes and gives the microwave a fresh smell! Just remember to use caution when touching the hot dish b/c the temperature of water heated by the microwave is HOT!