Monday, July 28, 2014

Organize Unsightly Cell Phone Chargers For $1.00

Hope you had a great weekend. I spent mine helping my brother's family move Saturday and then lounging at the pool Sunday because I was a little sore and tired! It was a great weekend though! So anything new on your end? 

This little organizing deal came to me at the end of last week. Another pet peeve of mine in our home is clutter on the counters. We have cell phones and mp3 players and junk which was taking up a lot of room on our kitchen counter and driving me nuts. I started moving things around again and worked on decluttering. I was using this Dollar Tree basket for storing lemons when I realized lemons would be better kept and have more life in the fridge. Oops! It freed up a basket so I started thinking...

This is what I came up with! My husband thinks I'm OCD (I'm not making light of OCD by any means) but he does like to tease me about how much I focus on little things like this! He thinks I'm a kinda nutty. Maybe so but I don't care! 

So all I did was poke a pencil through the bottoms of the basket at a corner of a woven "square", fed the charging cable through and plugged the electronic devices in. There is plenty of room to poke more holes in the basket and add more chargers if we have to. I tidied the cords with Velcro strips I cut (already had). 

It's a super simple and cheap way to organize our phones. :) 

Basket was $1.00 at Dollar Tree!

 See how simple it is to feed the cable through. You do have to do some poking but it will get through.