Friday, June 13, 2014

Dining Room Table - Staged For A Different Purpose

Happy Friday to you! It has been a week here and it's not over yet! Our oldest is on the swim team for the first time ever and WOW is it an experience! I never did swim team as a child and it amazes me how many people it takes to run a meet and make it happen. It's pretty awesome to see it all come together on meet days! I'm very proud of our son too because he has come so far in his swimming. Not sure I could do a lap myself!
Getting back to the reason for my blog, I wanted to share my staged dining room table. I know it probably looks really goofy all set up every day with the place settings out. We are HORRIBLE and I mean HORRIBLE about piling things up on the table. It's a room you can pass through from the front door or staircase to the kitchen, and we were being especially bad about putting mail or just junk on the table.
The purpose of keeping the table set is to keep it nice and neat and not totally junked up. So far with the dishes and silverware out, we have managed to keep a single room fairly picked up. Sad isn't it that I've staged a room for this purpose?!? We tend to use the kitchenette more when it's just us and the kids. Do you ever put your china out for this purpose? Laughing Out Loud! Have a great Friday and talk soon!