Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Crap, crap and MORE crap! My six year old would say, "That's a bad word, Mommy."  I usually don't say that word at home because of little ears but I found Craptastic fitting here. To finish off my last post, I am stoked about having all our papers filed. Working to keep on top of it now!

To simplify the filing cabinet, I made a tiny change to simplify even the most minor thing about filing. I used to keep all my tabs in different positions 1-5 on the file folders. If I had to make a new folder then I would spend time shifting all the tabs around. How ridiculous twas thee!

So I moved all my tabs front and center to keep all files uniform. Not a big deal, but yes a big time saver for someone who is way too particular for her own good.  Please don't judge!

This is a picture of the piles of crap I had collected around the house before I did the filing session. Nice huh. Laundry, two bags of paperwork, a small bin of paperwork... all the crap in the house that didn't have a home. I did however find a home for everything.

Here is a picture post crap. Post(after) my piles of crap, post the droppings of crap from our sick cat. I haven't been posting my projects this week because I've been trying to nurse my 14 year old cat back to health. Poor guy. A lot of people can take cats or leave em but my cat is my baby. He's been with me for years. Anyhow tonight I steam cleaned the carpeted rooms where he has been sick and this is probably the cleanest the carpet has been in a while.  How was that for random!?! Hope YOU are having a better than craptastic week!

Monday, September 17, 2012

What Style Are You? Take The HomeGoods Stylescope Quiz!

I just took a style quiz at HomeGoods and my result was "Sassy"! See two images below.
Photo: Looks Like
Photo: Boho Looks Like
I think "Sassy" fits more of what I want to be but I'm more of a chicken with color and fall into the category of classy. Heck I'm like that with the design of my blog too.  Take the HomeGoods Stylescope Quiz and see what you are! I'd love to hear!

Photo: Who is Classic

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cricut CrAzY with Vinyl!

Yesterday we had a large crowd for our son's Birthday. I got a little carried away with vinyl and my Cricut cutter. Uh I think I got A LOT carried away! Just Scroll down.

See which tea was most popular!  I hand washed so I could leave the stickers on for a while. Whatever you do, Do NOT run through the dishwasher!

Can't believe I am showing you the next pix because it was overkill but I thought it would be helpful because people usually can't figure out our kitchen trash can. The trash can opens when waving your hand over its sensor. We didn't buy it for the sensor, it was  a purchase because of its shape. It's easy to shimmy a full bag out! We're dorks and research minor things like this.


Yeah it was overkill but my dorkiness took over. I took the wall "help" down as soon as the party was over. My hub's buddy was making fun of them, that he half expected to see a sign in the potty room saying flush the toilet. Nah it would have read, "leave the seat down!"

Saturday, September 8, 2012


I'll just go ahead and say it. I am an idiot. Or I feel like one at least. Queen of STUPID. Got myself into another situation!

If you have been reading along please take note because I offered some simple advice on an easy way to clean your car's floor mats.

Stupid is as stupid does! It worked on my cars mats but NOT on my husband's. Crap and now I have to make sure I didn't totally just ruin our washing machine. Please say a small prayer.
You see, my mats are smaller and have a fabric backing. His have a rubber backing and are pretty big and MELTED onto the inside of the washing machine. So now, at a desperate attempt, I am running the machine with warm water and vinegar to try and help loosen the rubber stuck to the inside of the tub. I am scrubbing and scraping to get the gick off. This is worse than accidentally washing a disposable diaper in the washing machine. Please tell me I'm not the only one who has ever done that!

See the black rim! I think my heart was in my throat when I noticed this. Doh!

These are actual flecks from the rubber backing. Oh I could kick myself.

let you know how it goes. :(

Monday, September 3, 2012

A Quickie DIY Burlap Curtain For A Block Glass Bathroom Window

Oh I am up WAY too early on a day off so what better to do than show you what I did yesterday. My husband is a little under the weather and so I have been taking care of the kiddos all weekend but I was able to fit in a little home decorating fun. We have a tub with one of those big block glass windows over it. I'm not crazy about how these types of windows look but I guess it skews things from the outside if looking in. ; )
When we bought the house, this bathroom was pale pink with a hand painted flower vine border around the top of the room. As soon as I could I changed it to make it my own. There were also big hooks on either side of the window with a piece of fabric draped along the top of the window. It reminded me of I Dream of Jeannie so I quickly took it down.

I hung a brushed nickel spring pressure tension rod and inserted inside. This is great because there is no drilling and if I change my mind about the curtain, it's easy to change out. I used a pack of silver curtain rod clip rings that I have had for a while. I hung a piece of burlap I had to see how long I wanted it.

I started cutting the length I wanted. No real system here. After I began cutting I took the burlap and using my t-square cleaned up the edges. I glued the wide strips of ribbon only after trying stitch witchery, which did NOT hold.


How is that for a quick DIY solution? I like the way the valance turned out. It still lets the light in and is a very casual addition to the room. Have you ever used burlap as a window treatment? What kinds of fabric makeshift piece have you used in lieu of a store bought solution?